Maumee this weekend?

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  1. I am planning on heading for the river on Thursday night. Anyone have any pointers or advice? I have heard the water has been roaring, but still hear of some fish being caught. I will be up until Sunday afternoon and would love to beat last years personal record of 1 fish in 2 days. HA!
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    Good luck finding a spot this weekend. unless this water goes down, probably the only spots that will be fishable are White st. and Orleans Park and they will be packed.
    If the water goes down in the next couple of days then the fishing should be great this weekend.

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    They are calling for more rain on friday. If you are coming for the weekend, you might want to re-think it.;)
  4. parking lots at White St,& Orleans were full at 1130 today a lot of fish came in backwards keeping the Game wardens busy a lot of spawned out big females we sure don't need any more rain
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    We keep getting these heavy rains every 2-3 days, the river might not be fishable most of the run.

    lets hope not, but you never know with mother nature.
  7. Depends on what type of boat you have and how confident you are that you'll be able to handle the high water and strong current.
  8. Boating the Maumee in spring in high water is not for folks that are not compentent in a river in these conditions. The river seems to come up in hurry more than ever and it is a force when it gets a churnin.
  9. Thanks for the input. I am a seasoned boater with nice equipment and I play it on the safe side. I have never seen a river yet that was not dangerous. I plan on bringing the boat and I will see what shakes out.
  10. Without additional rain, the river will be at 583.5 feet on Saturday. Make sure you have a RIVER ANCHOR because you are dealing with a rock shelf type of bottom. I use about 30 lbs. of old steel barbell weights for my 16 ft. aluminum. A good place to start would be island directly across from Orleans Park. If you are experianced then you know about launching in swift water. Maple St. is the launch and you will be launching in swift watewr. There are choice spots to get out of current and you will see boats in those spots.(binoculars work good) If Northern Indiana gets any more significant rain, leave the boat at home!
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    If you do bring the boat I would put in at maple st. and run up river. I was in the boat today and took a limit but caught around 12 fish legal waiting for my buddies to catch theirs. I was at the island in front of orleans park. Went out two days ago and did about the same. Two times out this year and two limits. All of the fish we have caught and snagged have been males and NO females at all. Hope that helps you.
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    I've been coming up to the Maumee for over 15 years now. We always catch fish, but they may not be walleye. We fish out of a 14' Aluminum boat always and have been there in moderate water levels as well as having to get out and push the boat off of rocks and flats during low waters. Keep the motor running when throwing out an anchor and make sure it catches and holds before killing the motor, and let out plenty of slack.

    We are planning on heading up this weekend, dependant upon water levels. Anybody locals have any predictions on water level for saturday and sunday? We put in at Maple every year, and depending on how Betsy looks from the bridge on our way to the bait shop typically depends on whether or not we head up river or out towards the 675 bridge. We have caught walleye out there from time to time, but always have tremendous success for monster sheephead and stupid amounts of white bass. We have been out there many times and nobody else is around and we are catching fish nearly every cast, and lay into a monster sheephead from time to time. My dad caught a 23 pounder a couple years back. They may be ugly and nasty, but they sure put up one hell of a good fight. We fish for fun, not typically for meat.
  13. Hey FishigfoolBG, I was wondering if you had heard of any website that shows water clarity in the rivers, i.e. Maumee and Sandusky Rivers...the flow, flood and water level charts were most helpful on that website you posted but for the life of me I couldn't find anything about water clarity...I always check the ODNR site, here at OGF, Angler's Supply's phone recording, and Maumee Tackle dot net for water clarity reports but if I could find a website where they make "official" mention of the water clarity it would be most helpful...any advice you might have would be much appreciated...catch 'em all
  14. You need not worry about water clarity in the Maumee. Imagine chocolate milk with sticks and logs in it and that's pretty much what it is for the majority of the run.

    It clears a bit later on...but for we keep getting rain, it'll stay muddy as can be.
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    You got that right!

    There are only two types of water clarity that the Maumee gets during the run.

    The 1st is Muddy and the 2nd is Muddier!
  16. Havent ran by a website that gives water clarity besides I doubt the water clarity in this years run will be over a couple inches. The water clarity will improve later in the tail end of the run and the begining of the white bas run but then here comes all the moss!!!!!
  17. We hammered the fish today, the bite was on along the towpath. Took us 1 1/2 hours. Medium size floater heads (dark green) and pink tails. My friend caught a tagged walleye and we called the DNR and the fish was from Saginaw Bay Michigan, that fish was along way from home. Will be down again tomorrow, good luck all
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    Thats kool bet it was fun! Thanks for the report!