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  1. Saw a huge billboard for them on Heatherdowns right above the Putt-Putt near Southwyck Lanes. Pretty cool.
  2. I saw about 5 BassPro billboards already.

  3. MT has had a billboard on the Trail since February...

    Bass Pro is not going to kill Gary's business. Same was said when Gander came to town...then Cabelas up the road....

    If you've been in his shop...I'd say he's doin' ok...
  4. I think BP will probably hurt Gary a little but will not put him out of business. The only thing I would be worried about if I was Gary is if BP has a manager that knows the area fisheries and stocks the items local anglers buy day after day for a better price. Floating jig heads, tails, and most of all bait. Maumee Tackle has been the only game in town for live bait for years, if BP carries bait it could make things tough on Gary.
  5. Cabelas carries live bait, and the only time I've seen anyone buying it there is during ice fishing season.

    I could be wrong...but I think Gary's business and loyal customer base will weather the storm that is on the horizon.

    I was in a meeting a couple years back with some of the BPS guys, as they were asking about the Lake Erie fishery, the Maumee river fishery, and potential development of the area. I filled 'em in as best I could, but they were not impressed with "walleye or perch" fishing...

    All they wanted to talk about was bass and catfish....and selling clothing.
  6. All of that is true, but you can only make so much $$ with bait. My average bill at MT is what, $15 $20 at best. Just dropped $765 last night at Cabelas, and another $500 the week before. Now that includes a whole bunch of shooting stuff but Cabelas offers so many rewards points/money back coupons that my bait and walleye stuff is free there. Not to mention nobody can even touch their return policy to boot. Choices are a wonderful thing.
  7. Cabelas has suspended any and all new store openings for the immediate future. Their return policy is going to run them into the ground. I've had students that work up there and they have told me that on any given day, the Dundee store will accept in excess of $10k worth of merchandise back on return. It used to be that most would just take an "in store credit" and replace the item, but not now. They want the cash back...

    Particularly bad are items such as waders and hunting boots/parkas. Guys will buy 'em, go on a trip...use 'em...then return them. This explains why they now pro-rate all footwear and wader returns.

    I'm as guilty as anyone with the waders, but if your kid slams the truck door on your GLoomis...should you really get another one?

    I think another thing to note is that Gary doesn't have much overhead it would seem....

  8. One thing i have noticed about many BP's i have been to around the country is that they tend to supply tackle for the local needs. You would be hard pressed to find specific salt water gear at the stroe in Rossford. Not to say they wont have it. A far as live bait goes i'm more apt to quick run into MT then get side tracked in the BP store.
  9. Loomis rods; Loomis will give you a new one no matter what happened to it, Cabelas is not loosing money on Loomis rods. The warranty is already built into the price you pay for them and they don’t care how it breaks. I own half a dozen and have sent a few back over the years. I have a few pards up in OR and AK that are so hard on their **** that the famous warranty is a requirement.

    Cabelas is a superb source if you know WTF you need in advance and their return policy is partly responsible for their success. It will take a lot of returns to bring that place down. MT serves a niche market during the run as it caters to anglers who mostly don’t have a clue and need some cheap gear for the weekend of walleye fishing that can be tossed later. They don’t cary much high-end and the stuff they do is too old and expensive. I get Loomis/Leica/Shimano/Simms cheaper at Cabelas and with an unlimited return policy to sweeten the pot. I am less of a BPS fan but they are great for the struggling economy here, the jobs they bring alone is noble. The fact that Gary has to badmouth them everyday on the hissyfit blog speaks volumes.
  10. Amen!

    Gary's Blog has been largely a joke from the beginning, but recently it has fallen off the deep end.

    His rants against BPS/Economy/White bass regs ect.... are comical at best.

    Last I checked we live in USA a free market economy. People will shop where they get the best mix of service/price/selection.
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    You said 'hard on'.......:p
  12. you been hanging out with 'tucky?
  13. I think it is funny that everyone says that his blogs and reports are horrible yet everyone still looks at them day in and day out of the run. I know I do. If you don't like what he has to say don't read anything but the river report. As far as BPS hurting MT I think that they will put a damper in his business but so would a new local tackle place. It is not that they have better stuff they just carry more of a selection. If I am in need of tackle for the run I most likely will head to MT for floating jig heads, tucky for egg sinkers and jans or MT for twister tails. I go where the price is right and the product is good. I get poles at BPS. I don't think any of this will change when BPS opens. And Hoosier Daddy sorry for using you as a quote. Not blaming you.
  14. No worries.

    His report is a resource, but there are better ones out there.

    I guess I am frustrated with what appears to be blatent hypocrisy with some of his stands. Protect the white bass, but then he has pictures of poeple with coolers full and enormous stringers. I have also spoken with fellow anglers on the river that claim he has told people to take out the large flatheads out of the river because they are eating all of the smallmouth.

    He should let the DNR manage the river in my opinion.

    Don't get me wrong Gary is not bad guy, just a little misguided in my opinion.
  15. Just an opinion here. I have known Gary for a very long time. I shop where the price is right and the time is right. If I need something tomorrow I will go to MT or Dicks, if I need somethig 2 weeks from now I may end up ordering it from BPS or Cabelas. Believe it or not, Gary is one of the most knowledgable bass anglers around. I don't listen to everything he has to say but usaully what he says works. Gary is just trying to get everyone the best Maumee River Experience they can have.
  16. Call it what you want, but 90% of the guys that fish the river from out of town wouldn't have a clue as to what was going on if Gary didn't post up daily reports. Sure he goes on rants, and maybe that is not the best place to do so...but the river fishery is his why wouldn't he try to make a stand?

    Wait until you see what that BPS store will carry...I think you are all gonna get a little shock when you see it...I've been in 3 different BPS around the Great Lakes...and hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The impression that I got when I was talking to the reps from BPS was that they didn't much care at all about walleye fishing...
  17. What's Cabelas return policy?? I bought a symetry reel and their "top line rod" about 16 months ago. I have hated it from day one. It whines and acts like it is the biggest chore to bring a sunfish.
  18. Take it back...tell them that it doesn't work. If you have a receipt, they will refund your money. If you don't they'll give you an in-store credit.

  19. The one you haven’t taken advantage off. It’s not Cabelas fault you don’t know what the hell you are buying.

    As for Gary’s rants; its mind-boggling how much off beam one guy can spew. You would think that once in a while by a shear virtue of luck he would get something right, I am still waiting
  20. I spent almost an hour with their specialist. He had 2 of those reels and it's the only one he would ever use, Blah, Blah, Blah. It was a $200 combo that was supposed to be the best for river fishing the Maumee (in my price range). I went to them because I had no idea of the difference in tackle. I always used what was available.