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Maumee Sat. 8/4

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JimmyZ, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Hit the river about 6:30 am. The bite was good on top water for smallies but the real big fish were hard to find. Caught only 1 that was a WOW kind of fish. The others were of course fun, just not big. The big one had the popr half way down his throat. Lots of bait fish jumping so they are definitly aggressive right now.

    Switched to a aglia spinner and caught 1 more smallie, 3 white bass and 2 gar. That's why I like the top water bite, only smallies and a occasional WB on it.

    River is in excellent shape to fish.

    Good luck!
  2. Docjr

    Docjr 800 miles from Hatteras

    Good to hear the topwater bite is working out - had the poppers with me this morning hoping the rain would clear, just got lazy and kept pitching other stuff. Hard to beat big smallies slamming stuff on the surface.

  3. I've landed two of m smallies on a buzzbait this year. Never thought it would work, but bass will be bass.
  4. POP-R, best smallie topwater ever made !! I throw it here in the Lima area on some of the water supply resavoirs, and some people ask, ever catch anything on that ? And i say wounce in awhile.
    Where bouts on the Maumee did you get them ? i just wish it didn't take me 2 hours to get there, or i would be on it a couple times a week. THANKS
  5. Buttonwood to grand rapids.....they are all through there.
  6. all thru where mojo said. Problem though lots of guys been fishing by buttonwood. The spot I usually hit used to hold a lot of nice fish, but I'm beginning to think someone put em on a stringer.:mad: I used to be able to catch some nice hawgs out of one paticular hole, but none this year.