Maumee River?

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  1. Anyone fishing the GR Dam area on the Maumee? I am just curious if anyone ever fishes the Maumee this time of year... I know there isn't much in the river but are there any fish near the dam in GR?
  2. There's always fish at the dam. Be careful walking around out there. There are too many trip hazards for me to be walking around and risk falling in.

  3. There are also some drop offs into deeper water. I was there earlier this fall and the rocks were really slick with moss.
  4. The GR dam does have some hole you have to watch out for. If the water level is down you should be able to see to the right of the stairs an island with lots of vegetation growing on it. I usually walk right next to the island and find the edge of the hole, bringing a walking stick is never a bad idea. Just wade slowly and pick your feet and you should be alright. I might give it a try sometime this week if we don’t get any rain. FFBG
  5. The river is just smoked right now' high,muddy and full of ice. Way to dangerous to wade. Grand rapids is full of fish,though. I went up there one day and caught like 13 differant species of fish.
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    Largemouth, smallmouth, gar, white bass, bluegill, crappie, bullhead, channel cats, flatheads, carp, buffalo, sucker, pike, grass pike, shad, sauger, sheephead, and of course walleye. pretty sure ive caught every one of those in the river by the dam at some point. Oh and ive seen steelhead throwing themselves against the damn in the middle of the winter before but never landed one in the maumee.
  7. I appreciate the advice and look forward to giving it a try at the GR. I am looking for a new hole to fish... Thanks to everyone!
  8. DFA may of exagerated, being a fisherman I know how even a fish on the tape can grow by the time i get home
  9. All of those fish are in the river but the chance of catching them all in one day is very slim. FFBG
  10. BornWithGills lists 19 species you can catch at G.R. Dam, and the only ones on his list I didn't catch that day were bullhead,sauger,grass pike and steelhead. I even caught a 3 foot King Salmon there one day, but don't remember if it was this day in question. I did snag it with a jig,though.I have caught sauger there before, though. Jigs or small spinners will usually get you a multi-species day there. Never caught a bullhead up there. Lot of Bass( all 3)lot of cats and gar.
  11. You must have had 5 different kinds of live bait on you.
  12. Let's see that picture.

  13. BFG

    If you can scan them I'll show you a pic of 3 Coho I caught down there. The funny thing was I was walking past this couple they couldn't see the fish yet and asked how I did I said just 3 small ones. They were 24" 32" and 36" the look on their faces was priceless.
  14. First of all, if they are indeed Coho, then I call BS on the location. Second, a 36" Coho is a monster. A 36" Chinook is a monster.
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    that's a picture i'd pay to see :)
  16. Wow, everyone really needs to appreciate a good fisherman's tale. If you caught 3 Coho, one of which was 36" and the other 34", and you didn't think to get it checked for records seems peculiar to me. You had 2 near-record and possibly record-breaking fish, seeing as how the current state record is 34 3/4". And you caught both of them on the same day? In the Maumee River? Where a handful of lost salmon end up?

    Im calling B.S. I'll tell ya what, get your negatives out and have another picture printed. Send me a copy (l'll give you my name and address in a p.m.). I have a scanner at my house and will gladly scan in your photo and put it on OGF, then send you your picture back via the mail.

    I'm semi-inclined to think that 1 random big King Salmon could be caught down there, but catching 3 absolute freaking beast Cohos......Nah.

    Same goes for a guy claiming he caught 13 different species in one day. I have fished that river so much and still haven't caught 13 species TOTAL. There ain't no way you can just mosey on down to the dam with a spinner and land half of those species.

    Fisherman's stories....gotta love em. "It was THIS BIG" :rolleyes:
  17. I do have a few buddies that waterfowl hunt the Maumee and have caught several Salmon down there after seeing where they run. They said there's a shallow spot behind some Island that they frequent where you can see them dying also.
  18. Gary had some pictures on his website of some guys with salmon too (same thing with steelies-people catch em). I have no doubt they are in there, I just am having a hard time believing the coho story or the 13 species in one day. Fisherman have the propensity to exaggerate (lord knows I've probably done it my fair share) and I feel that a few posts in this thread fit into the "moderate to heavy" exaggeration category.

    I could be talking out of my a$$ on this one too. Everyone has an epic day of fishing once in a while, but I smell something fishy on this one. My spidey sense won't allow my to fall hook, line, and sinker for these tales.
  19. One time i caught a doubler on a husky jerk at the dam, a 6 ft sturgeon on the front hook and a giant paddlefish on the back with a 9 lb laker in his gullet. Seriously. I've caught 25 species at gr in 2 hrs, went home and came back the same night n did it again in the dark. In february. All fish caught on a giant yellow n purple jitterbug. That's right, topwater in february. You haven't lived till you've seen a sheephead smash a topwater at night in the dead of winter. Just gotta finesse em. Nah, i'm fulla sh$%t. That place is remarkable though for variety of fish. I dunno bout 13 in a day, but i have had some crazy multispecies days wit nuttn but a white 3 inch grub. It's not too far fetched. That place is full of surprises. Imagine what it would be like to have a place like that to yourself, unharvested by the bucket brigades, no wads of line and jigheads to snag up on in that main scour hole. It would be an unreal fishery. I've never lucked into a salmon, steelie, or a wiper, but i've seen good sized specimens of all 3 walk by me on a stringer, so i know they're there. Or at least were. I was not aware there were grass pike. I'm not even sure what they are. Is it a different name for pickeral?