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Maumee River Updates

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bucket Mouth, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. The water was still up(was hovering between 581-582 between 9/1 and 9/3), and the current was strong as a MF at places like Weirs and Otsego Park. The water was still a bit too soupy to fish for smallmouth (we caught none) and the current didn't allow for solid presentations in the proper areas. It's crazy how much different 2 or 3 feet of water makes on the currents.

    We caught 30 cats at Providence Dam on Labor Day, with a few being in the 10-11 lb. range. Most cats were 16"-18" long. I lost a few hogs, but I think it was because I wasnt getting good hooksets and needed to go bigger than my 1/0 hook. All fish were caught with worms.

    I am curious to find out if anyone has had success in the last 2 weeks fishing for smallies. That is what I go to the river to catch, and haven't had a real solid year so far. I have caught a few, but really only one nice fish. I've been fishing a bunch of in-line spinners, mainly Blue Fox Deep Runners or Mepps #2 or #3, but I seem to catch as many or more catfish than smallies.

    Does anyone have any tricks for fishing for smallies when the river is a bit high?
  2. I fish the Sandusky and have always had luck catching smallies near creek mouths. The fish wait near the "seam" of the muddy river water and the clear creek water. This works best when the water is falling.

  3. We waded the Maumee on Sunday for a few hours, in hopes of smallies. Instead, we were rewarded with 4 channel cats, 1 flathead, a leatherback turtle, and a sheephead. Not what we had in mind, but fun. We were fishing 3"-4" gulp twisters and cabela's twisters. All fish were nice, ranging from 3-7lbs. Good day.. odd... but good.
  4. I walked the stretch from I-475 to past Jerome road Tuesday evening. Was "rewarded" with about 10" of fish - a white bass and a bluegill. Tried many artificials - pop-r's, tubes, rattl-traps, stickbaits, spinners, spoons. Hard to tell where the deeper water is with the reduced visibility.
  5. Beattle Spins ( Start with White grubs ) & small white spinnerbaits,

    we use to use these all summer and into the fall when the river would flood at times and have always had good luck for smallies.