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  1. Went down to white street this morning my son used berkley power bait
    ribbontail grubs, while rest of us used plain twister tails, he limit out in one hr.
    twenty minutes plus threw five back, while the rest of us caught two,
    we switch to power bait and twenty minutes later we had our limit all
    deep in the mouth, glow small floaters 3 ft. lead, 3/4 ounce wieght, don't
    know what the differents, but it really made the differents all fish males
    2 to 4lbs
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    I did good on the Sandusky last week using Berkley power bait, 3" orange/yellow.........had other folks asking what i was using.

  3. Hockey
    Any particular color of ribbontails?
    Heading there thurs - mon

  4. I learned about Powerbaits a long time ago seldom use anything else science.
  5. We are using firetiger power bait, son down this morning, 1 walleye first
    cast, he limited out in 26 minutes, all on power bait ribbon tail, firetiger,
    he expermiment a little more, caught 12 more legal males in three hours,
    all returned to the water, I don't what it is but its hot now.
  6. Well I guess that secret is out. I have been using them as Rebel said for years. They are a bit pricey and only use them durning a tough bite.

    You get your fish after I left Larry?? Just saw your other post, guess you did. Glad I could get you in there.
  7. You got more secrets than that. We all know about the tunafish dipped jigs as well.
  8. Dang this darn internet thing. Soon everyone will know how to do it:)
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    What the heck is a tuna fish dipped jig? Does that involve a can of "Chicken of the Sea?"

  10. Here we go...........:B :B :B :B

  11. My favorite color is Clear! yeah!



  12. Went down after work and got 3 in 20 minutes, then an hr went by and got the 4th. Reg tails 3/8 weight and 3ft leaders. I don't know how to post pics but do have them on my digital camera. Went to Maumee tackle and got my pic taken. I'm the ugly guy in the black pants white shirt with my sunglasses on.