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Maumee river fever

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by hiddenlake, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Now that I got a taste of the walleye on the ice I'm ready for the river and the jigging on the lake. I usually get about 50 legal fish out of the river a year, any of you never done that should try it, it's a great time. Will be glad to keep you guys up to date.
  2. I'm ready too. Did you guys make it out on the ice Sun? We got out and I only got one but my buddy got his limit one real nice 9 pounder. Came in in whiteout conditions but had (luckily) a good compass heading.

  3. Hey Randy, no we decided to stay on shore yesterday, gonna put away the gear till next year. 2 years ago we were getting them on the ice till march 2nd. Oh well only 2 or 3 weeks till I start hitting the river, hopefully see you down there. I usually cross over to bluegrass island. Let me know when you start and we'll go get em. Tim :)
  4. I fish bluegrass most of the time myself if possible. I've got a couple highwater spots that are pretty good also. I'll let you know when I start going.