maumee river camping

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the privat camp ground across from bluegrass Island?

  2. If they don't open this year, just up the road is Buttonwood it is a County park it is primitive very
  3. Schroeder's Farm. I've never camped there myself, but I heard that you can have alcohol there and they have a gravel/dirt boat ramp that a lot of people access, but that also looks to be a very primitive camp ground. I have no idea what they charge for camping or using their ramp. I heard a lot of talk last year that they may no longer be opening their land to the public for camping...I dunno??? The campground just up-stream that Roger23 mentioned is Buttonwood...$15 a day I think???
  4. I'd be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you are fully vaccinated if you decide to camp at Schroeders....LOL

    It's a mud electric, water, etc. Looks like Country Concert without the bands..

    BTW...if you have a tri-hull...that's the place to be!!!
  5. If anyone knows the # or how to get in touch with the people at Schroeder's please let me know. We stayed at the Button Wood Campgrounds last year. It was ok, but I would like be able to drink some beers around the campfire, and alcohol is not permitted there. By no means do we go upt there to party, we are not loud, and keep our site very neat. But it seemed like every 20 minutes we had a ranger, or local police stopping by the campsites. I understand why the have to do this, but it did get kind of annoying.
  6. Schroeders has no phone number, was told by them last year if you come there you will not be turned away, will make room for you. No water, no electric, about all they have is portable toilets. You can drink all you want there. Alot of good people camp there. They usually open alittle later in the run.