maumee river 2/16

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  1. River conditions: 2/16/09

    the river level is at 586 1/2 feet above sea level. Down four and one half feet from 2/14/09. The ice is gone. The water clarity is poor. Water temp. Is at 38.0 degrees. Down 2.5 degrees from 2/14/09.
  2. Went to orleans today just to check it out. Did about 20 casts, one snag.... too lazy and cold to retie. A different car pulled through about every 30 seconds to check it out. Seems like everyone is anxious.


  3. Yeah its ripping, wont be ready for several days i would say....and that is assuming the walleye have started....which I have my doubts. Hard to beat when its a five minute drive though.
  4. Truth I live right off michigan ave in maumee so its a quick trip and im river bound!
  5. Spring fever has officially consumed you. LOL
  6. was there today had one on, and got off 7' in front of me and snagged a couple carp on accident!
  7. were you one of the guys at White St at the point,,,around 2 pm ??????????

    thats the only fish I saw on the river today
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  8. My buddy and I were in the waders, the other 2 were on the shore!
  9. someone is always watching ,,,:) I would have pictures but camera batteries were dead used them up on all the deer from Side cut to the point
  10. we watched 8 deer swim across to an island we were all like damn!
  11. WOOO more heavy rain and storms tomorrow...
    Look on the bright side water temps are gonna go up
  12. chet


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  13. Was there icebergs still floating down ??
  14. No those all melted when we had weather 60 degrees 4 days in a row
  15. Thanks MA i figured there still be some. I havent been over the maumee in awhile. My buddy that lives in the point said there was alot in the bay, so i just figured there would still be some. Im stoked, i hope i poured enough egg sinkers this year.
  16. Sounds good to hear about the river again, getting laid off april 1st, PERFECT TIMING, LOL
  17. Went to Orleans for 20 minutes and swung through Meigs. 8-10 guys fishing, didnt see anything caught but was only there briefly. The parking lot was like a Mcdonalds drive thru with all the people swinging by for a peak.

  18. Im sure some straglers will be caught, but whats everyones guess on when it will start to get good ???

    Im guessing around march 15th
  19. I'm guessing you will be about 10 days early. ;)