Maumee or Sandusky

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  1. I'm thinking about going white bass fishing this Saturday and was wondering which river will produce the most fish right now. Thanks
  2. Hey i just got back form the maumee and landed about 12 within an hour. Had to leave early b/c my buddy broke my spear rod he was borrowing. The water was pretty muddy but we were still catching fish.Beleive it or not i was using a 4 in stick bait. Ill be headed out tomorrow morning as well. Good luck

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    the sandusky should be on fire
  4. Maumee was ridiculous today. My first time fishing there during the white bass run at the Maumee and was not disappointed. Didn't keep any fish and quit counting at 60 when I switched to fishing for smallmouth and rock bass, which also cooperated very well. Went back to the whites to finish the evening. Worked both sides of bluegrass, with a lot of white bass in the smaller section near the park and more and bigger ones in the main section of the river. Since the water was somewhat high and fast with a hard wind blowing downstream, most were caught by parallel casting the shorelines (downstream) and retrieving back thru the calmer water. Some exceeding 16", most the standard 10-12" fish. They hit everything I tied on except for a surface pop-r.

    Smallies were 10" to 14" and thick. All were caught in deeper areas a few feet from the banks, often crawling a tube off of the bank. Had a few fish take a hard run and break me off using the green tube jig - I'm thinking sheephead.
  5. Hey glad you had a good time. Catching those WB on your ultra light is a blast. You can catch then all summer long like that. Me and a buddy were catching them at the Grand rapids dam till late September in the 30s-40s. Ill be out there tomorrow morning bright and early.