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    elvindking Just go fishing, MAN!

    I am an newbee to the Maumee and will be fishing it this weekend. I am confused as to whether or not to use a standard jig & grubtail or the Carolina Rig? Which is easiest to catch fish with? Keep in mind I'm new at this. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

    What's a good spot?
  2. If you really want to get into walleye fishin on the river I would recommend learning how to tie and fish the Carolina rig. If you just want to catch some fish this weekend I would just buy a couple of different wieght jig heads, some tails, and a few bb split shot.

    Key is finding a spot holding fish and then ticking it across the bottom. Just enough wieght to feel the bottom from time to time, but not to much where you are dragging it.

    As far as spots there are plenty pending water levels. Almost anywhere between Orleans Park and Waterville should have a few fish.

    Check out for specific details. In their fishing section they have maps and discussion on how to fish.

    Good luck it will probably be a zoo this weekend.

  3. Use the carolina rig. Make sure you are using floating jigheads that are the same size as a 1/4oz leadhead. 3" tails in either white or chartruese or pink will work.
  4. A zoo this weekend would be an understatement from what I saw tonight.
  5. +2 on those posts..

    With the water high, it's been tough. 10,000 frickin' guys packed into spots that would normally not have fish at all if it were not for the high water keeping them shoved downstream. Hopefully the water keeps dropping so that everybody can spread the hell out...