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    i have always used 8 lb test with an 8 lb leader up at the maumee with no problems. i was thinking of switching to 8 lb test with a 6 lb leader this year to cut down on losing weights. i was wondering if any of you regulars use this setup. i use 8 lb and 4 lb for steelhead fishing without a problem, but the current isnt nearly as bad where i fish for the steelies.
  2. I have always run 12lb Trilene xt mainline and 8lb leaders. When it is crowded I like to "ski" my fish in. This year after much poking and prodding I am going to step over to the darkside and try fireline for my mainline and stick with the 8lb mono leaders.

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  4. When the run is on I like 12 lbs fireline for the main line and a 12 lb monofilament for my leader. This way if you get guy that are problems you can not cut your line with there teeth. I have had less problems with lossing jigs to snag and stray line in the river with this set up.
  5. I said I am going to try it, I'm not sold yet. I bought a spool of fireline Sunday and it is still sitting there next to the brand new President and St. Croix. I just have not built up the muster to even spool it up:D
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    swantucky....make sure you use about 30 yards of mono backing on your spool, i have used the fireline for several years with an 8lb mone leader and works great for me. but when you do get hung....look out, your hung and gonna loose a bunch of line, gets expensive but does get all the abrasions that mono does not and seemed with mono i was respooling every other time i went to the river, so FIRELINE it is for me, ust my 2 cents worth:B
  7. Randy I have used fireline since it first came out.Whatever I use on the main line I back the leader off two pounds.Just my two cents worth.
  8. LOL, just busting your ass Tucky.;) Actually, I think the braids have gotten a bad rap. The problem is the idiots who have no freaking clue what they're doing decide to use the strongest, toughest crap they can find cause they think they'll save on equipment. It's usually the craftsman and not the tools. Okay, question for all of you that use braids. What is the percentage of breakoffs below the leader for you. How hard is it to break off usually?
  9. I use 10# Fireline (Love It!!) with 8# mono leader. The sensitivity that comes with the no stretch braided lines is unparalleled! But yes when you tangle with someone its a B!%(#.

    The large majority of my break-offs occur on my leader just above the jig. When tying up a rig I always tie the leader and mainline to the swivel with Palomar knots (strongest knot) and then tie the jig on with a clinch knot which is weaker, hence where I will usually break off.

    When I do snag up at the weight it is not hard at all to break off my 10# Fireline. All you have to do is generate more than 10#'s of pull against it. I make sure to always have a glove with me, and I wrap the line around my gloved hand so as not to strip my drag when breaking off.

    IMO there are two types of braided line users; the angler who uses it to achieve greater sensitivity, and the angler who uses it in an attempt to lose less tackle. Its the latter of the two that gives braided line a bad rap, since these are the guys using 30# + braid, and can't break it off when hanging up. To me it is absolutely rediculous to fish the river with any line that you can not break off.

  10. I agree with Jojo, I use Suffix braid 8# test. It tends to break at the knot. But you better have a glove or a rag around your hand, with its small diameter it's like a knife when you pull on it. I was wondering if I should switch to a more bouyant line (mono) for the run. But it sound like many of you are using braids with sucess.
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    I used 10# fireline all during last years run.......its the cats a$$ in my opinion. i would never consider going back to mono. the feeling is night & day different when bouncin' the bottom. i know the sensitivity put more gators on the stringer when the bite was light too. i messed around with going 10 braid as the main & mono as the leader, but eventually i said screw it and went 10-10 fireline which worked mainly just straightened the hook, and a considerable amount less spent line & jiggs to the rock lords.

    however, it can be a bit more demanding on your reel, in a river environment such as the Maumee....chewed up a couple last year. anything over 10# braid is way overkill.
    additionally, using a good graphite rod only makes matters that much better using fireline.
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    Ive never fished the maumee run before so im new at this. i use suffix and want to know if suffix siege would be a good main line since it is low stretch.
  13. Yes that would be fine. Lower stretch = greater sensitivity, which is important for the run since at times the bite is very light. This is why I like braided line so much, no stretch = greatest sensitivity. Abraision resistance is another very important qualitly in a main and leader line for the run. The most commonly used line on the Maumee seems to be Trilene XT since it is extra abraision resistant. Before I switched to braid I used P-Line Extra Strong which is a co-polymer with very low stretch and is highly abraision resistant, I still use this in 8# test for my leader line.

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    well, its a good thing i didnt spool up my reel yet. looks like ill bee going back to gander mountain tonight. thanks.
  15. I found my favorite set up for the maumee river by accident last year. I fish bass tournaments on Erie and use only flurocarbon line. The best set up Ive found for river walleye is 10lb vanish flurocarbon for my main line and 8lb mono as a leader. Flurocarbon is more sensitive and abrassion resistance than mono, plus it sinks just a little bit. Ive found you can use a little bit lighter weight in the river and still get down to the bottom but doesnt get jammed inbetween rocks like the guys using heavier weights. Mono floats so that allows your jig to float up more. Just what Ive found to be the best set up for myself.
  16. I use 6/10 Fusion (no longer made) w/ 10# mono leaders and it works great for me.

    Gotta have a glove to break the Fusion...and 99% of the time it breaks at the barrel swivel knot. I used 10# Vanish last year and I was not happy with it at all. Maybe I had a bad spool, but it was brittle...and I really had to watch for nicks and imperfections. I'm going back to some sort of mono this year for leaders...not sure which one yet.

    I used 8# mono leaders for years...and never had a problem..but I lost a wall-hanger 2 years ago 10' away from me when my leader now I'm using 10#...

    Nice and sunny here today boys...won't be long.
  17. I agree with some of the others,MOST breakoffs wiil occur at the jighead.As also stated if it does not break ther be sure you are wearing a glove or carrying a rag to grab the braid.This line is strong and thin and will cut you in a heartbeat.