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Maumee Help Needed

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by olwhitee, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Okay, I have to admit it, I am a bit scared to venture to the great maumee by my lonesome and try out this great walleye run everyone always talks about. I have a few problems, lets see if I can get them solved and get my rear up there.

    First off, I dont have any waders. I dont know anything about them either. I know what they are, and how you use em, but I am unsure about what mm size, what kind of footing I need, and all that stuff. Assume I would only be using them for fishing the run in the maumee, can you suggest what type of waders I should buy?

    Second off, if I can get ahold of some waders, would someone be interested in meeting me somewhere and taking me along to show me the ropes? I think that the inexperience is the only thing that holds me back. I would hate to buy the waders, get all the tackle, travel up, and end up with a bad experience.Even if it is only for a little bit, I just need to go with someone who can show me the right rigging, river safety, and the proper etiquette and technique needed to fish the run.

    I live in Lima, so if anyone is coming through this way, or would meet me somewhere and just let me tag along, I would be indebted forever as I have wanted to try this for a long time now, just been putting it off.

    Thank you for taking your time to help me out.
  2. Well I can shed a little light.

    First for the waders.I recommend buying anything but Rubber chest waders because you will replace those about every 2 years.Wal-mart sells a nice Nylon set with 200 gram thinsulate for about $60.If you get them over insulated they wont be so comfortable come mid-summer.You can get waders with boots on them or ones that you wear your own boots over.I recommend cleated waders with boots attached.A good idea is to buy the boot size 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear so you have room for your socks.Dont be afraid to try them on in store.You might look weird but nothing is more fun than having a set of uncomfortable waders.

    Tackle is the easy part.Any medium action rod & reel combo is good.i prefer 10-15 pound test as the river really beats on your line.For lures you just go grab some of your favorite color Twister tails in 2" to 4" lengths.Put them on some jig heads in 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce weight maybe even more.If you dont like lead heads you can use floaters just the same with a egg or whatever type sinkers you prefer about 18" up the line.

    When you get up to the maumee youll know where to fish because there will be other people there.Current is always your best bet.You want the water to be moving.Cast straight out in front of you and hold your pole up.You want to let the current carry your tail.Whats important here is feeling your bait bounce and stay in contact with the bottom.If your not touching bottom than your wasting your time.Concentrate on taps or thuds that feel like a snap as hits can be light.As the current carry's your bait just keep slowly reeling in the slack until your bait is directly down stream from you.Thats when you retrieve.Even here you still want to drag bottom and retrieve slow.One trick is to keep your line tight and pull slowly with your pole so its more sensitive.Then real in slack and pull some more.

    I think Me,My dad and a friend of mine might make the 3 1/2 hour drive up Saturday morning to knock the dust off.It would be no problem at all meeting up with you for an outing.Ill know for sure tomorrow as to our plans and ill let you know.

  3. just let everyone know when you'll be up and i'm sure someone on here would be happy to offer their "guide" services. My schedule varies quite a lot so i couldn't say for sure but if have the time it wouldn't be a problem. As for waders, i have 3.5 mm neoprene and they are super warm. With non insulated ones the flowing water really rips the heat out of you. i've fished the last few years with canvas rubber ones and was ok if you really layer up the pants, longjohns etc. Like ostbucks said, neoprenes are great this time of year but not when it really warms up so just think about when you'll be using them the most and buy accordingly. walmart does sell cheap rubber ones for 25 bucks but i agree they won't last you too long. if you're getting them only for a few days of the run and you have plenty of warm pants and socks it might not be a bad idea.
  4. The Maumee and the amount of people that gather there can sometimes be overwhelming, My son and I go now, He's 14. but before he was old enough to go, i'd also go down there by myself, and i'd do a few things, let somebody know what area i'd be fishing, Buttonwood, Island, Orlans park, ect. When wadding you will be able to see where other have crossed, use this area only, i you find yourself having to cross an area where nobody have crossed, walk slowly, the key to make it safely, not quickly. Walk and drag or feel you way with your feet, if you can find a long stick use it, wadding can be extremely fun, but please be careful, fish around others, not 2 ft from them be polite but in shouting range if something happens and you do need help, one thing is to be polite, I've seem shouting matchs, agruments, over a area, some guys think they own the area, just let them think it, there plenty of river bank and fish to fish, there is also many wonderful, helpfull fisherman and ladies to help if you have a question, dont want you to not go beacuse of that. You 've seen it, I think you know what i mean. What the other gentalman wrote about waddrs and tackle ect is right, good advice, I takes awhile, I perfer the carolina rig style with a 1/4 ounce jig, I use 8 -12 lb line, mono, During tournament season for bass I use fireline only, but will not even try it in the river, that would be a mess. Were gonna try to make it down to the river next week early, and will be there good friday, weather permitting, ahh heck with the weather will be there...
  5. I'm down there most days after work once it gets going and would be glad to give you a hand. On the weekends I don't head down till the afternoon when alot of the crowd thins out. It really cuts down on the learning curve if you start with someone who has some expirence. I'm looking forward to the 45 minute limits.................come on rain!!!!!
  6. if you go once you'll be hooked. Good waders = not being cold, I start right after ice out and I'm warm in the river. I fish a standard walleye pole with 6lb test, a floating jig, twister tails and walking sinker. Suggestions put a old belt around the outside of your waders. Gives you a place to stick the butt of your pole and tie off your net and i carry a stiff oak dowel rode as a walking stick that I also tie off to the belt. I also attach a metal stringer to the belt. Ill be down tommorrow morn and sunday late afternoon leave me a note and I'll try an meet you
  7. Now you got the pros pointers, but I would wait till we get some rain :)
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    olwhitee- there are some of us from Wapakoneta that goes up- you could follow us up if we're packed in the truck- most but not all times theres not any extra seats- sometimes we haul the boat up also depending on the water level-the soonest we may go is next Friday long as you have your waders , a rod/reel, net and stringer- the rest you can buy at the rivers edge from the vendors - sometimes they have all that too...
  9. Thanks for the replys guys, I am working on getting some waders now. I will drop someone a line and we can get together, I really appreciate you all volunteering to help.
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    I found them today (3/27/05) you have a PM
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    Wow lots of good info about the walleye run! I am also thinking about coming up in the next week or two. My question is, when is the peak of the spawn and when does it settle down? Also how far upstream do they run? How close to the lake should i be fishing?
  12. Peak is normally around april 1st, but I think it's running late, fish go all the way to grand rapids dam. Your best bet is fishing near maumee, find ''sidecut park'' and start there, just watch everybody else. Haven't even seen a female yet, should really being turning on soon.