Maumee Flatheads

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  1. im looking to catch some flattys in the river. does anyone know of some holes that might hold them around grand rapids?

  2. I got one today white bass fishing. Thought it was a monster walleye. I fought it for about a good 5 min. Ill post pics later.
  3. I would like to know some better cat fish places besides white st and ft meigs!
  4. In about three or four weeks Grand Rapids is great! You can catch stringers full when they are there and good size. Had 2 break 20 lb test last year and never even got a look at em...
  5. What do you use and what setup (wading or shore) I have always had good success catching cats with chicken livers!
  6. Go to the Mary Jane side, take some small tackle and catch some small gills right next to the steps. Then wade out where is a large hole about 2 or so feet deeper close to the island and about 100 feet away from the dam. There is always people fishing this hole. Minnows and works will catch flatheads along with bas and everything else. The BG work best for the cats and will catch the bigger ones. I'll probably be up there sometime this weekend myself trying for the bass.
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    Nice flat cat! Is the Maumee pretty much the only LE trib that has a decent amount of flatheads?
  8. No. The Huron has some big flatties available. Would fish 'em quite a bit as a kid around rte 113 (fry's landing?). Only place I saw 40lb+ flatties outside of the MWCD lakes.
  9. Is it legal to use bluegills for bait?
  10. It is as long as you leagally catch them or buy from an authorized dealer. If you net, sein or trap them it is illegal.