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  1. What are your rules of etiquette on the Maumee during the run. Things are different up there at that time.At least a little.
    Ex. 1-Whats the minimum space to leave if there is a space between you and your buddy or the guy next to you. 4ft..5ft...8ft..?
    Here's another example ..
    2-How many times do you untangle a habitual snagger until you start clipping him?

    Chime in with some new ones too.
  2. I think its gonna be a bad year at the river, with so many people laid off now, its gonna be a mad house. I noticed alot more guys on the ice this year from Catawba to Crane creek. It amazes me sometimes to watch some guys just slip in between people that were already 2 ft apart, some people just dont get it........... whats worse is some guy sees you catch a few fish and squeezes in between you and your buddy, and hes using 200lb braided line with 5oz egg sinkers,and makes a few casts and get snagged up and leaves about 500yds of line in your holes ,then gives up after 30 mins and leaves............:confused:

  3. I only went once. There was no such thing as etiquette that time so I never went back!
  4. If somebody snags me habitually or is just being an idiot I politely tell them, if that doesnt work then I get angry =)
  5. And thats why I go fishing on weekdays so I don't have to deal with the mad house weekends hahahaha
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    we try to stay about 10 feet apart but that nevers seems to work someone sees you catch one and they coming running right in like nothing. so me and my friends try to find new spots that no one fishing up stream the action isnt as fast but we almost allways get a limit with no problems with other fishermen if i call them that
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    I give enough room just to make the "mover-inner" think about it before they try and horn in on me(a poles length). If they do decide to go between me I sart sideways casting right in front of them till it pisses them off. Then they leaave? ;)
  8. Some days when its tight, I ask, "mind if I squeeze in here"? Almost always guys will make a little room as I will, but when somebody butts in without asking I'll figure out a way to tell them (or demonstrate) that there's no room here. If a guy is habitually snagging others or getting snagged I'll usually tell him what he's doing wrong. They don't always like it, but they usually fix it or leave shortly. An occassional snag with someone else is just part of fishing the run if you want to fish the popular spots.

    All that being said, thankfully I now have a trolling boat so I'll be on the reefs this spring.
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  9. I went fishing in the maumee last year and caught a walleye. It was a slow day and a buddy and I walked the river for a good hour and a half before we found a fairly large clearing where no one was fishing within at least 40 yards on either side. As soon as I caught a fish and we both hooked into a few and lost them it was amazing watching these people move in on us. We still had almost the entire area to ourselves but these two guys from asia or somewhere and spoke no English fished literally a foot away from me. Had I been able to get away with it I would have tossed them both into the river with weights attached to them :)

    I will give the locals credit, they kept a comfortable fishing distance from us unlike those other pricks

    The walleye run is great and if everyone had some common sense and respect the run would be that much more enjoyable. I'm from a small farm town and not used to the big crowds, but I understand that I'm not the only one fishing the river. It pays to offer the other guys respect.
  10. Yeah I hate to say it but etiquette during the run is a thing of the past. The big problem is the amount of people that are coming from out of town, or the guy who hasn't really fished before and want to learn in shoulder to shoulder fishing. The internet is an awesome thing for info but it has really put us locals who used to enjoy our walleye run in a bad spot. If I go to some of my favorite holes in crowded areas I like to get there an hour or so before sunrise, drink a cup of coffee and get my spot real early and i mean in the water this early. The best thing about this is that you are in and out quick and by the time you are finished catching your limit is when most people are just trying to get down there. The worst was last year with all the high water, it really limited the spots guys could fish so everyone was all jammed into a couple spots. After about 10 days of 20 or 30 minute limits in my favorite high water spot people were crowding me so bad I just couldn't take it anymore so I moved well up river to avoid the crowds. Good luck to all and just be respectfull to everyone and the River itself.
  11. I will also be one of the out-of-towners who is laid off and I now have some time to try the run at Maumee. I plan on watching and trying to learn the etiquette and the proper rigs and techniques for a while before I even take my pole from the truck. I want to catch some walleyes but I don't want to be the guy you talk about on here that night!!:p
  12. All anyone has to do is just try and be respectful and all would be fine. I generally can recognize a new guy and will try and help him out. On the other hand i can see a jackass coming a mile away and they will be treated as such. A few kind words can make the difference between being helped or shunned.
  13. All this talk of the river has me hungry for some walleyes, this is taking to long LOL! but like most people say, use common sense be polite then people wont drown you lol!
  14. I fished the run for the first time last year since my childhood. Had the most fun once the levels came down late in the season when smallmouth and white bass were part of the catch. I found that using my steelhead bottom bouncing methods worked good (10 foot rod, 6 or 8 lb test) worked great when the crowds were not around.

    What would be the recommended rod length/power/line strength for the run? Earlier in the higher water, I used a 7' st. croix medium/fast power with 8lb test. I accidentally was spooled with 14lb one trip and had trouble breaking out of snags.

    One of the things I will be carrying this year is a collapsible wading staff. Standing in cold, fast water waist high or higher for hours makes for an interesting wade back to the shore without an aid. Not like wading the shallower steelhead rivers (grand excluded).
  15. The first thing I learned last year aside from how far to stand from your neighbor:

    Don't try to be different. Before taking your place in line, watch what the folks that are already fishing are doing. Where are they casting? How far are they casting, when do they complete a snag-free drift? Once you take your position, do what they are doing, timed with their cast/retrieves.
  16. cracks me up when someone behind you walks in and says '' YOU CATCH WARREYE''
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    I have never fished this run before but I have combat river fished like this. Elbow to elbow, and even had idiots trying to cast over my shoulder from behind. Usually a couple rod tip smacks about the ears works wonders. The easy thing to learn is wait for the person downstream/current to cast first so that you are not casting over them. It can be a beautiful thing when it is synchronized. When you catch a fish a simple but loud "Fish-on" will let people know to get their lines in so you are not creating a ball of a mess or they are not hung-up on you while trying to fight the fish knocking you off or breaking your line. One other point of contention if you get snagged remember what is on the end of your line. I have seen people reel down and flex their rods in half only to have a lead projectile flying back at them. Keep you rod tip straight at the snag and low and walk straight back until the snag pulls free or you break your line. Losing gear is part of it and a thirty cent jighead is not worth and eye or injuring someone else. Remember it is after all just fishing and is suppose to be relaxing. :)
  18. Steel cranium I like the watch and then do what those around you are doing. And the next comment about paying attention to the casting time and retrieval speed of those next to you that is important the biggest thing is to be respectful of those around and you and just pay attention. I love them walleye run in the Maumee, it is a fantastic fishing opportunity that we have in this area. I use a 6'8'' medium extra fast action legend tournament croix with 8lb mono but also use 6lb diameter braid from time to time.
  19. Never cast immediately after the guy upstream of you...

    If you get tangled with another guy (and it's YOUR fault) clip YOUR stuff and get him back to fishing ASAP.

    Do not retrieve your rig on the drift...

    Don't be the "FISH ON!!!" guy...

    Don't be 10'6" steelhead rod guy during the 2nd week of April...

    If you think it'll be a tight fit to get where you are thinking of going...try another spot....

    Don't be "Mr. I have to wade out as far as I can 'cuz I just know an extra 10' is gonna make a difference" guy....

    Learn how to re-tie in line.

    Learn how to break off your rig as quickly as possible.

    Use lighter leader than your mainline

    Be polite. Congratulate guys around you when they land fish.

    If you net a fish for someone and it is snagged, unhook it and let it go before they can get their hands on it.

    If fishing from a boat...don't set up on top of the fish. For cripes sake...anchor in the slower the faster water...where the fast meets the slow is where the fish will hang anyways...

    I know you want to take your 7 yr. old to the river, but do us all a favor and leave him at home until Mother's Day.

    If you are getting frustrated b/c of not catching fish, ask what the guys around you are doing. You have NO IDEA how much you may learn in about 5minutes.

    Believe what you see...not what you hear.
  20. One thing I ran into last year. There is a spot just upstream at Buttonwood that a bunch of people fish. Generally we wade out about 5-8 feet off shore just to get away from the brush and trees. Last year we had 5 of us head in about 10 minutes after sunrise(running late for some reason). Anyhow this guy is already there and refusing to get in the water even though he has waders on. We were all really pissed and tried talking to the guy, but he had the only spot you could cast from shore and wasn't budging. after going upstream from him for 30 minutes and none of us getting fish, I told him I was gonna move downstream of him. Well my first cast after getting in my "sweet spot" I landed a warreye. 2nd cast, Warreye. By this time my Dad and rest of our group told the guy to fug off and got in line and we all started nailing them one cast after another. Meanwhile this guy starts casting over our shoulders and ripping his rig into ours on purpose. After the second time we all pretty much told him one more time and he was gonna get his azz kicked. I even tried offering the guy my spot if he was nervous about not knowing the water. He kept whining and made one more cast. I grabbed his line and cut it. I told him it was time for him to leave or I was gonna hurt him. Finally he got the message and left.

    Lesson: don't fugg up a spot for everyone else. If everybody else is telling you the same thing needs done and your refusing to do it, your prolly wrong.