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  1. The river is starting to ice up again from the turnpike bridge downriver towards downtown. It's high and only going to get higher as this snow melts. One thing I would think for sure is once the river drops to a good fishable level, there should definitly be fish in there with the rise of water. What do you all think?
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    IMHO water temp is the key. If it's low 30's I don't think it will necessarily do anything as far as driving fish... if water temps get 38 or better, preferrably 40.... then fish will come in... and I'll be right there after them!

    Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong but that's my 'pattern' I always use for the run.

  3. I agree 100% with CoolWater on this one...temperature is the most critical element to getting eyes to push up into the river. Even with warmer air temperatures coming, I would imagine the river will be staying cold with all the snow melt. It's looking like a late start to this year's run.

  4. It probably won't start till like mid-May this year. I would not waste anytime down there untill
  5. For all of you thats wondering when the river run is going to start, I been
    fishinging the walleye run for over forty years, sold jigs down to river and taught fishing classes for the river only, and its the same every year, the
    water temp means nothing to start the run, two days after the water
    rises, the fish are in, first, middle or late stages of the run all the same,
    you have to look for the mud bottoms first when the water is cold, small
    white bass size heads, or 5/16 heads double tails, the females are allready
    at bayshore powerhouse, use longer leads 4 to 6 ft. with slider sinker, all of you who wait on the temps to rise will miss some of the best fishing of the run.
  6. I agree, water temp means little once the fish stage they wait for a blow out. It’s the same with steelies. The eyes are already staged as ive seen more than a few caught at the mouth, but they are not moving much yet. Once the snow melts later in the week they will make the first run, and in another week the river will be good to go. Water temp has more to do with how active they are and how well they will bite.

    Got a few baby (28") maumee pike today, but cant brag about dinks.
  7. Just wondering about the pike , dam area or in the creeks, we catch all
    year round in the creeks up to 30 inches, just picking your brain.
  8. where did you get those pike at?
  9. Water temp effects fish in a lot of ways but so does the ammount of daylight. I agree with the water leve rising and the fish coming if enough daylight on the retina. They will be here until the temp is right and then the females will spawn and leave. A few jacks will hang for a while after that.We wolud catch walleyes all through june, july and august when I was a kid. Don't know if they still hang in the old holes or not.
  10. creeks, slack water about 1 mile down from the dam, walk the shore; spinnerbait and jerkbait with only 1 back hook, still gets em
  11. hollandbass, north or south bank?
  12. Warm water run-off + full moon + daylight = fish in the river...
  13. grand rapids side, river drive, away from the dam/downstream
  14. Coolwater is right the temp has to hit forty before any serious fish movement begins.Ideal situation stop at Orleans,see fish rolling on the top the bite is ON!!
  15. The problem with you all you warm water fisherman is you are afaired of change, the run has to be in full swing and fish jumping in the boat before
    you start, have any of you every try the small creek next to expressway
    bridge, the creek that runs off buttinwood, the small creek off blue grass
    island, the back water upstream of white street, or the bay water at the
    turnpike bridge, is where all the early run walleyes are, including maney
    females, deep warm mud bottom water, right now, but you must have
    light senity rods light line and long leads, very small tails, if there was ice
    on the lake or jigging from boats they bite all the time this time of year,
    same is thru in the river, you just have to change your tech. as for the rest
    of the year we get walleyes in the river right up to ice up, and no one
    around us after may 30th, you don't know what you are missing.
  16. Many cant hack the cold, i am fine with that. (grin) Heard of 4 eyes today, they must be the retard fish who forgot to check the thermometer before heading out.
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    There are always some resident Walleye in the river just as an FYI.

    I'm sure some Walleye are going to be taken earlier then the water hitting 40, that's just the standard I have always used before I go out for them. I've found after the water hits 40 my chance for success is dramatically improved. I want a fun fishing experience - for myself that means only fishing after that temperature standard.

    It isn't about it being too cold out or having to have the perfect 'full swing' of the run before I want to fish it... I fish the Steelhead from Fall through Spring, all winter long including some awful weather... It just doesn't make sense for me in Huron - to have closer better fishing for Steelhead then to drive further away for sketchy walleye fishing.
  18. im going out today after classes to try for those pike. ill let you guys know how it went
  19. Went out yesterday from 4 to about 7 30 and tried for some pike down from the GR dam.Didnt have a single bite the whole time. The water was muddy and up high. Im going to wait till the water clarity gets a little better. Hey bassmaster09 let me know how you do today. Im thinking about trying agian later this week.
  20. pig


    looks like some walleye are coming out of the river.i have seen 3 my self, hey hockey just wondering if you would like to teach me some tricks