Maumee Bay State Park

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  1. I will be heading there next week and staying for a few days and was wondering if there are any fish in the small ponds within the park. Thanks.
  2. I have only fished the small pond in front of the lodge on the ice but we caught some crappie, although on the small side it was action.

  3. I've only ever caught gills and large mouths (all dinks) out of those ponds. If you wanted to try to catch some bigger fish, you may want to try fishing the bay off of the big concrete steps behind the lodge. Especially early morning and late evenings (not sure if you can fish there at night), I bet you could hook into some big cats or sheephead. Tightline with nightcrawlers, chicken livers, or crayfish/shrimp.

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    Small and Large Mouth along the rock pier and boat docks.
  5. Thanks Bigbass for sharing.
  6. Now I need to get out there and fish those ponds WOW nice fish.
  7. mrm123,

    I hear Pearson Park as some good ones in it too.:eek: