Maumee Bay State Park

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    I am taking the canoe out this week and am planning on going to the Maumee Bay State Park. Any recommendations? The park office said that I could access the lake as long as I could drag the boat across the beach. Would this be the way to go or should I try the pond? Looking for bass and/or perch. Hopefully the perch are not too far out. Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. I was told the pond is not so good. I will be there this weekend trying for the same. Good luck

  3. I would try the ponds. Canoeing Erie no matter what the conditions sounds like asking for trouble. I've caught a few perch in the large pond where the inland beach is at. Lots of different fish in there from LM to gills, walleye, cats, carp. Could also try metzgers marsh. It's diked off from the lake. Perfect for a canoe. Nice perch, gills, and LM. Just don't go on Sept 1st. It will be full of 12ga. shot guns on that day.!@ :)
  4. Has anyone been to the bay the past few weeks? I will be camping there this weekend with family and I know they will want me to take them fishing.

    What kind of fish do they have on the smaller ponds in the campground? Is it catch and release or can you keep anything you catch?

    looking at a map it looks like there is fishing off of lake erie by the marina. Is this worth checking out. My dad used to fish years ago and wants to get some perch
  5. You can fish from the marina all the way down to where the walking trail starts on the East. There are huge steps there that go down to the water that run all along that bank. Depending on the wind though, it is sometimes hard to cast.

    I've pulled some cats out along there and know a few who have caught some walleye. I had trouble at the inland lakes last time I was there, but it was mid-afternoon. I've never fished in the campground area either.

    (Edited because I was thinking the walking trail went through mallard marsh...that is incorrect as the cement steps end by where the walking trail starts in the woods)
  6. Great i'll have to see what we can catch.

    Any Idea on bait shops in the area? The only thing i can remember close to the bay is lik ea sunoco station which i would assume would have something but if not I will have to grab something from maumee before I head out there tomorrow.
  7. The closest places would be Butch and Denny's or Zuch's. They are both on Courdoroy rd, by Meinke Marina. Its probably about 5-7 miles from the park.
  8. No good news to report about my trip, About 8 hours of fishing time spent and only about 2 real bites.

    Tried the canoe lake which I had heard was good for panfish, out of the 8 other people there we got zero action at all the 2 hours there using nightcrawlers and rooster tails and other bait.

    tried the marina by the steps went there early sunday at about 6, got a few bites but it was a nibble then whatever it was would go away. It was the first time ever fishing in lake erie where I didn't have anything even steal my bait I had the same worms for about an hour.

    Tried again later on in the day for a few hours and no luck at all. That is the longest I have ever fished in one day with no action. I was even hoping for a sheephead just to get something on the line.

    It was hotter than balls all weekend though so I am blaming it all on the heat.
  9. Sounds about how my last day there went, too.

    Between it being warm and this little drought we are going through, the fish have to be pretty deep. I wish I had a boat and could go out on the lake and try for some walleye and perch!!