Maumee 5/4

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  1. Hit the river for the 2nd time this year. The walleye were biting hard and good. Lot's of folks with 6 fish. River level was perfect and the other reports I had read were right on. The fishing is actually good. Lot's of trash fish per say,, suckers, buffalo carp and quill backs, but still fun to reel in. River wasn't too crowded but more fisherman than I though there would be but still plenty of room. Anyone with a chance to make it down in the next week it should be worth it.

    Good luck!
  2. P.S. I also did catch on female that was full of eggs still. All jacks where still milky.

  3. I ran through ALOT of white bass today, only picked up two legal eye's through six hours of fishin. I see pictures of limits at, but I am not puting my jigs through six fish waters.
  4. That's weird. I caught 0 Zero white bass where I was. Seen only a few caught. I was up by the top 1/3rd of the island.
  5. I fished the rapids from a boat, white bass were sitting in the slack water break near the shore
  6. Seen no less than 800 white bass leave the river from Thursday to Sunday hanging off of stringers, logs, and shopping carts.
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    Docjr 800 miles from Hatteras

    I got out for a little while late afternoon Saturday - actually hunting for smallies upstream from Jerome road. Got a dozen good WB and a couple smallies plus other odds/ends in the time we had - fighting the wind the whole time - but good pulls anyway. No walleyes - but we hit the lake Sunday and took care of that.
  8. That wind on Saturday afternoon was an absolute @#$@#$!!.
  9. Me and Hoosier Daddy tried our luck for some smallies. The wind was raging, the water was flowing too freaking fast, and it was too high in the spots we tried. Got the :S. Saturday blew huge chunks.
  10. Well our trip was pretty successful, we filled our 120 quart cooler in about 8 hours of fishing. We didn't catch any dink WB at all. We also probably released 2/3 of what we caught. Lots of doubles, we didn't get a bunch of females but the ones we did catch were a solid pound-and-a half. We also caught 10 legal walleye. 3 hours of cleaning the fish was well worth the trip!!! I am looking for some input on next Monday, if weather holds up will be making another trip up looking for the HAWGS!! We also found that the fish were holding on the break of fast water and slack holes. We caught one female eye that was ready to pop, 5.2 lb with eggs not a hawg but won my buddy 5 bucks!! Wind blew us out around 5:00, we had a virgin with us who after fishing all day finally got a taste of what fast water can do....yep he went for a swim! Luckily he was only in about a foot of water. Hit Fricker's to wrap up the night. Can't beat $2.00 22 oz. drafts!! Good luck and be safe!