Maumee 4/18

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    Cause we gotta have a different report for everyday! lol

    I finally got into some nice fish today. I know I had the limit fish at least hit, but oh well ya don't always get em in. I did well in 4 hours of fishing to come out with 3 nice fish(17,18 & 24). The 24"er came on the last cast!

    Thanks for being a tremendous host today Red! It was great fishing with you again. We'll see about next week.

  2. It was fast and furious for awhile! Today was slower. Next week should still be producing if you can make it.

  3. Went out this morning in boat with ole man water is down-Tickled a few rocks---No rapids at Orleans area went out in front of Fort Meigs, caught our share of whitebass, was glad to see dad catch something----I have to believe its a waders world out there right now in the rapids IE Blue Grass Island-Button Wood-Fort Meigs for walleye---Will try again soon.

  4. Mike it is just about the right time for that down stream near the I-80 bridge I told you about last year to kick in.Water needs to be a little cleaner:T :T :T