Maumee 4/15/08

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  1. Man it was a nice evening to be on the river. Got out to the river around 6 and left around 8 with 3 jacks on my stringer. I don't know what my deal is but i can land my last one. I had 3 fish on right before dark but couldnt't get them in. The river is coming down at a steady rate and fishing should be good for the next few days if the rain holds. Good luck and i might see ya on the river!!!

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  2. Nice man, i slammed them all day long, limited fast.

  3. yeah i should have had my limited but ran out of daylight. Ill be in the same spot tomorrow with my limit.
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  5. I'll make this easy for you. It's the middle of April. Everyone and their brother is telling the entire internet that "the fish are in the Maumee.."

    So answer your is packed with anglers.

    I'll be straight up honest with you though...the fishing for the 5 days has been tough. I'm no Hollandbass...but I fish the river a lot...and to say it's been sketchy at best since last Friday is being nice.

    Case in point. There were 50+ guys within 100 yards of me today. I fished this morning for 4 hours and walked out with 2. My buddy got 3.

    Not good.
  6. Limited easily the last 3 days
  7. This yr was the worse for me personally. Took 1/2 day off today I work in Maumee live in Oregon. Today 4 guys from Mentor Oh roll up next to me at Orleans and line up ahead of the pack thats been there since "1982" dumb A$$es. Any hoot the 3rd guy thinks hes got a hawg when its my !@#$ right thigh you A$$hole. I'm done with the river this yr. Went out about 12-15 times total with 5 eyes and one gar. Fished all the areas except MY spots due to high-muddy water. Thursday finally going to put the boat in at Cullen Park and go out and ENJOY fishing again. Good luck to the locals if you stay in the river. So with my right thigh wet and bleeding I left. And no he did not ask to pitch in for some silicone patch or a new set of neo waders. Got to love river fishing. TIGHT LINES EVERYYONE, Mike
  8. GOOD JOB! MAYBE I"VE BEEN DOING IT TO LONG hence the 1982 refrence
  9. today was tough, i left with 3 fish after about 5 hours of fishing, snagged a whole bunch, lost a lot of legals just a bitch of a day...
  10. All you guys that are hitting fish what area of the river?Im not asking exact locations just orleans,fort,BW,jerome rapids?
  11. 4/16/08

    Made my first trip up to the Maumee with a couple friends. In all we landed 9 walleye but only one was hooked in the mouth. Foul hooked 8/9 and released them. I was wondering if everyone else foul hooks that many. I must have had 4or 5 other times where i know i snagged a walleye and it got off just before i was able to net it. I noticed guys huddling around the net when they caught a fish...this might be b/c its foul hooked and they were keeping it anyway. After my first trip i have a mixed opinion on fishing the river. I think i need to do it one more time. I was fishing 3inch-4inch grubs in all colors with a leader 18-30inches.

    My question is what is the ratio of foul hooked walleye to an actual legal catch?

  12. went fishless for the first two hours, then started slamming em. limited within the hour and left for work. I am looking forward to my days off tomorrow and friday......
  13. i wonder the same thing about the foul hooking, last time i was down there i landed literally 25-30 fish and 20 of them were hooked from outside the mouth to the inside. i tried changing leader lengths from 14"-60" and all resulted in outside in hook ups. anyone have this problem?
  14. Only brought in 1 snagged fish today, limited in 2.5 hours waiting on my buddy to limit, river is dropping and getting alittle tougher in the ' high water' places. Saw many more legal fish than snagged ones today. Red and green has been the big hit for me again this year. Helped out a guy from Pittsburg get his limit today, cant believe I did that being a BROWNS fan. LMAO !!!!
  15. Yes, that is in the realm of normalcy. It may be a bit high, but if you find a channel that the fish are going through, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of fish going through that spot at any given day. Once your line get down river enough and you start reeling in, if you are in that area the fish are passing through it is almost a given that you are going to snag them in the side, back, tail, etc.

    The one and only time I've gone this year we were in a boat. Between 2 guys, we landed 5 legal fish, boated and released another 15 snags, and lost another 12 or so fish that we presumed to be snagged based upon how they were fighting.
  16. I guess we are all snaggers. Hence, no reason to come fish the river with us.

    Hit the lake, I hear they really bite out there.
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    Bluegrass today-1 fish-lotsa ppl with ZERO
  18. i took a limit in an hour and a half, from 3-4:30, guys around me catching them too-5/8 ounce.
  19. Was nice to be out on the lake with friends and road pops and limit for all of us. Fished out of Cullen park and was in our spot in about 15 minutes. Fish came on jig-minnow combo in 6-8ft of water. If weather holds up we'll be back this weekend. I'm back in a good mood which means so are the kids and mom.