Maumee 3/29

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  1. Fished the river this morning at orleans park from 8 to 11 and got skunked for the second day in a row. Only saw one jack on a stringer while i was there and fishing seemed slow around me. I believe the river is up 5 or 6 feet today. There was tons of big logs flowing by and the water was muddy.

    Went over to the fort and watched some guys fish,didnt see anything. Also there was an ODNR officer watching there every move with some nice binoculars. For all you snagger's out there, karma will bite you in the ass. There are eye's watching you from the woods.

    Heres a couple pic's from today.

    Standing on the shore at Olreans Park looking down stream.

    The Fort
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    The guys at the Fort are practically fishing in the parking lot!

    I don't mind if you guys go and fish out all the cold before I get there. ;)

  3. WOW! quit a few boats for such high water. Sorry guys but I'm glad the water is high. I'll be out of town until Tuesday and I don't want you guys catching all the fish while I'm gone:D
  4. I can't imagine why those guys would think there would be any fish coming through at the fort.Weall know that even when the river is normal there is still a lot swifter current there.The guys at Orleans had the right idea.And yes the guys in the boats probably had the best chance IF THEY KNEW WHERE TO ANCHOR.
  5. was at orleans today too, saw quite a few fish caught no limits lots of 2-3's. Saw some real hogs down there today. at least ten over the 10# mark. Almost all fair caught fish came on pink or hot orange tails today. As we were leaving chartreuse was starting to get hit. Floaters with 3/4 oz sinker on about an 14-20 inch leader. Guys with the longer leaders weren't getting anything that I saw. Head colors, mixed bag of white, chartreuse, or hot orange. contrasting color combo's were working best. Whitehead/pink tail, chartreuse head orange tail, etc. Never fished the river with the water that high before. Me personally only landed 3 all snagged one 33in fish though, what a hog. Buddy left with one 28in fish. He hooked it on his first cast. Was there from 7:30-1:00. Hope this helps somebody.
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    Went out today from 6pm to 8pm brought 9 legal to the boat and snagged a bunch in all brought in around 20 fish. Had a great first time out. Was nice to feel something at the other end of a fishing pole. [​IMG]