Maumee 3/26

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  1. Fished Orleans pasrk today form 3 to about 7 with about 75 other people. Fishing was slow but turend out about an hour into it. everyone around me were catching fish and i wasn't. I changed to a longer liter and got a 3 pound jack and also snagged one too.

    There was a guy about 20 people down from me who caught a monster female had to be about 10 pounds. Saw about half a dozen people with limits leave the river while i was there. Hopefully the weather isnt to bad in the next few days. Ill be out there!!!

    Heres the picture of the jack.
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    Thanks for the report. Is it worth $20 dollars gas to drive over there?

  3. with the weather that is rolling in, supposed to be a soaker tomorrow and friday, I would say no, I was out until about 3 today, I guess I missed the bite because I saw about 3 fish caught in 2.5 hours with about 15-20 guys fishing.
  4. I also fished there Weds 2-4pm all I snagged was a Gar. I did not see any fish caught, even the 4 boats in front of us came up short. I was closer to the bridge and the little weed island. Maybe the fish are near the launch?
  5. I was fisning 40 yards down from the boat ramp (downstream). the fish that i saw being caught were right around me or futher down stream.

    The water level is up about 2 feet from normal summer level and the water temp is 42 degress. Today looks like a good day to be out there before the rain/slow hits.
  6. There are no fish in the river this year. Chuck Norris cancelled the run. Ya'll can just go to Fremont...I hear it's good there..
  7. thanks for all the posts guys it really helps to gauge the right time to go. Goodluck out there
  8. Chuck Norris Cancelled the Run eh.......

    Can any one stop Chuck Norrris.....

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  9. We fished Fort Meigs yesterday. 8 guys. All had thier limit buy 10:30 but 2. The run is ON!!!

    Good Luck!
  10. won't deny the run is on but just so the out of towners know: the river is up a foot since yesterday and will probably come up two more feet. The water temp has dropped 3 degrees and we got 4-5" of snow last night. Just when things get going mother nature throws the blocks to us:mad:
  11. it came up about a foot this morning in about 2 sucked at least for me..saw a couple come in by there tails
  12. I was about 5-6 guys downstream of the guy that caught the big female. I got there at 3 and had 3 fish by 4pm. Got my 4th at about 5:15. Did you fish at BW yesterday just to the right of the road in the morning. If so, my Dad and I fished just down from you. We ended up limiting out.
  13. I wouldn't say that "it's on"...but a decent first push of fish has apparently made their way up...
  14. Week from now it will be full out, we need a few 50f days.
  15. Hey guys, do you think tommrow would even be worth fishing? I live down here in findlay and I know alot of you guys see the river every day. Is it worth the drive up tommrow moring? Let me know and thanks and good luck all
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    I'm wondering the same thing, but I'm looking at about a two and a half hour drive from southern ohio. My buddie said they got a good amount of snow and I saw the forcast for sunday and it shows rain. What do you regulars think. Worth my time? AND GAS?
  17. Read this a bit ago...

  18. I would say wait till next weekend unless you have a good highwater spot. Even with a decent spot expect ALOT of company. The limited high water spots are going to be beyond packed.
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    Yes we got quite a bit of snow... confirming report :)