Maumee 3-24

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    Just for the fact yes there are fish in the river but few a far between. I managed 2 fish. I snagged a jack, and caught a female that I let go to fight another day. I also lost a really nice one maybe 3' away from me. The water was high but manageable, and yes it was cold. Only color that seemed to work was orange. Here are some pics.

    for all those who are saying its not worth it( except the gas money) would u rather do nothing or go fishing?
  2. I went up for about an hour and a half, didn't get a thing, still wasn't as bad as I thought, have fished it higher and caught lots of fish, I was at the tow path, looks like these fish were caught at oreleans if I am looking at those pics right. Nice fish and good looking out letting the female go.

  3. yea.. you look cold!!! but you also look like you had more fun than JOB!!!!
  4. well i live 220 miles away,lol.I can wet a line just down the road.Ill probably be up saturday for my first trip.thanks for the pics looks like you were just up from orleans.
  5. I was at orleans today and saw 2 monsters when I was getting ready to leave and I went back out for some reason used a blue and white glow head and a pink and white tail got a jack on my second cast first wallie of the season!!!!!! a bunch more jacks were caught around me from about 2:30 till about 4:30. There is walleye in the river just no limits yet.
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    I fished Orleans. I might be up on the 6th. I also saw 2 monster caught legaly at Orleans by the boat ramp.
  7. i have seen alot of people fishing with buddies and they all use the same stringer. if you do this and you are with say 3 or 4 friends and each guy has his limit the person with the stringer is going to be fined. i was almost given a ticket last year because of this
  8. Glad you got into some fish, good job!!
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    good fish there man...were you using a jig head and twister tail? and if so, what sizes?
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    Heres what i was using. A size #2 floating jig head chart./ green red hook, a
    3" orange/ yellow tail. A 1/4 bullet sinker, and a 20" leader. All of my hooks up were on this, no other combo got touched. And I foregot to mention i saw my first Ohio bald eagle in Bowling Greene.
  11. I also fished orleans park today from 4 30 to 7 30 and caught 1 jack, first of the season for me too. It was 2 pounds and 4 oz. I saw couple of guys with limits walking out of the river. Also saw few monster get snagged and released. The fish are in there just need the water to go down and warm up.

    Here are some pictures from today!!!!
  12. Each angler needs to have their own stringer.
  13. I saw 3 limits this morning at 10AM. It seemed slow after that.
  14. 3 nights of work left and then vacation, damn it's about time, good luck to all, the fishing should really pick up now.
  15. I was out today for about an hour and got about a 6lb walleye:B . I got it close to me reached out to grab it and my knot came undone at the jig head:mad: . Talk about bad luck lol. It's ok tho I got a good look at it, it was a jack and really looked like a monster. If anyone gets the walleye let me know the jig is still in its mouth.