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Maumee 3/15

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShorthairOnPoint, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Gave it another shot today, about 25 guys out, only saw one fish on a stringer.
    Snagged two fish but nothing taking the bait. The water is about 38 degrees, needs to come up a little more to turn these fish on.
  2. i fished the fort the last hour of sunlight with 2 other buddies with nothing. no one else down there said they saw a fish today either.

  3. I was at the bottom of the island for about an hour and a half tonite. I saw one fish taken, but the way the kid was fishing, I have my doubts on how legal it was. :(
  4. Fished bluegrass for 2 hours and snagged 1 and bumped another and that was it. Talked to a guy that fished all day and never touched a fish. Don't know if I'll head back down tonight or not.
  5. Fished mid to south part of the island not a fish seen or bumped.

    Giving it a week before i'm back

  6. fished bluegrass, was surprised at how easy the crossing was to blue grass. at the parking lot crossing water was just over my knees in 2 spots. fished noon to 2:30 probably saw 30 guys, one with a fish, that guy fished 0730 to noon. Had a guy fishing near me, had been at buttonwood. lots a guys no fish seen. may need saturdays rain to trigger the run.
  7. Fished Buttonwood again today, 2 1/2 hrs of fishing, very slow no fish caught. Two guys fishing the same hole, each had a fish, one guy lost a nice one right in front of him. Still very slow, didnt see many fish but more than yesterday. The river dropped at least 2-3 inches over night. Forcast for rain and some warmer weather should start the run by late next week, hopefully.