Maumee 10/11 sat Fish are on!

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by hollandbass, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Went out for the whole day on saturday, nobody was on the maumee, i guess people figured all the rain turned the fish off. Bass were active and feeding, got a 3lb largemouth, a few others and smallies along with lots of gar. We couldnt keep them off the hook. :D
  2. Man your killin me. I can't even catch a cold out there. Great job. What are you using? I've tried spinners and tubes with no luck.

  3. I never get anything with a spinner, all bass hit a large fat ika texas style. Just throw it out there with a small weight in front and bounce it off the bottom. The first hit i got was nuts, looked like a 18-20" smallie that took off like a train peeling drag for 20 seconds, he leaped and shook the hook. :( Then I got 2 largemouth in the row, didn’t expect that. My fishing partner hooked onto a 8lb 28" carp, that was a great fight on light tackle! Towards sunset the gars went nuts, we switched to 2" shad with a few treble hooks, and they are very hard to hook. We pulled out 6 gar and lost another 20 or so, very challenging to hook for sure. The fish are there, just have to walk the river and find them. We started at the usual rapids spot downriver from Waterville, but had nothing. This is my first year fishing the river seriously so I am learning everytime out. Seems like if the fish are not bighting, move on down or up.