Matzuo Sickle hooks

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  1. Anyone have any opinions out there regarding these? Looking for opinions on how they fare.
  2. No different than any other hooks I've used. I'll give you some if you want to try them out.

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  4. Hey Bob I see you live in Ellet as do I. I have used these hooks for years,especially for steelhead although the bass hooks work just as well as some the high priced ones out there.I like the way they skin hook a little better than some of the others. K-mart on Darrow carries a good selection and they are about 2.50 a pack. I just got some 5/0 EWG's and they had plenty in stock. Give them a try I think you will find they have a place and time just as any other type of hook does. Good fishin!!
  5. I really like the sickle hooks. After expeirmenting with them I usually downsize 1 size.

    In other words if jig mold calls for a # 4 hook I use a #6 sickle hook. To me the wider gap on the sickle allows for better hook sets. I also got some standard aberdeen sickle hooks to use for live bait ( minnows ). Seemed to work well ice fishing but will be better prepared to comment on them once the open water fishing starts.
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    I use jasons from pulse jigs sickle jigs he paints.
    I admit its not much different from a normal hook, but I do not have to worry about the hook bending on me. That is the most important thing.
    Plus I dont mind helping out a friend and a local business.
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    I use them alot for tying spinner rigs, number 2 octopus hooks, they are super sharp and stay sharp, i've never had one bend or break either. I just ordered a 100 pack for 11.00. Can't beat that~!!! it's Stamina Tackle's new site.