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Mature 8 point w/Doe today

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Fish-N-Fool, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. I saw a very heavy racked, mature 8 pointer standing 25 yards off the road in a picked bean field with a large doe this am @ 7:30. He was definately with her and going wherever she was. I didn't see any little ones around - I'm sure he had run them off (I imagine they weren't too far away - they always follow).

    Got my blood going a bit - that is the first big buck I've seen up close since last year.
  2. I guess were getting close wouldn't you think?

  3. No, I don't think so.

    IMO - this was just a mature doe 3-4 yrs+ (she was very large) and she came into heat during the first cycle (October). If she isn't bred sucessfully (doubtful with that stud hanging around with her), she will kick right back in
    28-30 days later, or 2nd week of November.

    No way are the majority of the does coming into estrous, but some of the older mature does always hit the first cycle in October.

    I have seen this a few times before - several years ago I watched a huge buck with a mature doe the first week of October. Although it is rarely seen by hunters, there is quite a bit of breeding that takes place in October - especially in an area with a good population of mature does.
  4. Saw 3 different bucks trailing/chasing does this past weekend. I figured this cold snap had them feeling their oats. Didn't think about that first cycle, makes sense though. One buck was a huge 10 point trailing a doe, another a decent 8 point trailing 2 does, and the smallest was a 4 point than ran a doe around for half an hour before I lost sight of them.
  5. Ok I understand now. I havn't been out bowhunting yet, I wait till the last week of october or first week of november ot start.
  6. I have not seen any bucks chasing does yet but yesderday evening I had 2 buttons in with no mama. Had me wondering if she was getting "the run-a-round".
  7. HCF


    I seen 3 bucks this past weekend all FOLLOWING does not chasing. no bachlor groups, one did tear some trees up though.
  8. I just wanted to make it perfectly clear to everybody this buck wasn't merely following or chasing, etc... I've seen plenty of horney bucks doing that at various times in the year.

    This doe was no doubt in heat and this big boy was in "the zone". All you that have hunted for awhile know exactly what I mean - he was under her spell paying ALMOST no attention to anything but her. It is neat to see a big boy "strung out" like this. I have seen some very mature bucks do some very stupid things they would never imagine doing while in this state.