Mathews Q2

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  1. I have for sale a Mathews Q2. 70 lb draw weight with a 30" draw bow will come complete with the following:

    Cobra Sidewinder Radiant Sight (Black)
    NAP Capture 360 Rest
    X-Ring 7" Silicone stabilizer
    Peep Sight
    Kisser Button
    String Silencers
    String Loop
    Kwikee Quiver 4 arrow
    and it will also come with a lockable bow guard case for safe keeping and transporting.

    I am the original owner of this bow and it has been very well taken care of. It shows some signs of use such as some worn camo on the sharper edges and around the grip.....but NOTHING that will affect the performance of this bow. The overall condition of the bow is what I would call excellent. This bow is very quiet and accurate and has served me well over the years. The strings and cable were replaced last summer before bow season came in so they are good for a while yet. All that is needed for this package is a release and some arrows!!

    Asking $350

    There are several pictures in my gallery.

  2. I will leave this on here for one more Friday it's off to Ebay.