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Mathews Drenalin?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by zpyles_00, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone shooting the new Mathews Drenalin this year?

    Got mine on order and times a tickin.........
  2. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    I just shot with a guy tonight that had a SQ. Man Matthews are the way to go. I used to shoot a SQ2 and wish I could have kept it. But anywho, a guy that has a 1 year old high end Bowtech, just put it up and bought a Drenalin just for 1 hunt! lol He is going up North for bear. Bought the bow just for that trip. I have heard nothing but good things about your new bow. Congrats! !%

  3. Yea I used to shoot the SQ2 myself but sold it cause i got in a money pinch.

    I had an outback on order shortly after but cancelled that when i heard the drenalin was coming out.

    Good deer hunting in the Circleville area? My in-laws live there and I visit quite often. Tossing the idea around of moving down there.
  4. Nice looken bow, recieved 2-3 add's on them, never seen how much they are asking for one, Probebly the old if ya gotta ask ya cant afford it thing. but if anybody knows pass it on.
  5. I've only read good things about it except in the latest field & stream they have a gear guide and of all the bows tested it got the lowest marks yet was the most expensive. I've always wanted a mathews, but my brother in law got one and my fred bear shoots every bit as fast and is actually quiter. I know there supposed to be the best but there are alot of companies putting out quallity products these days for a lot less money.
  6. The Drenalin bare naked is $649-$679, once it's equiped with all the bells and whistles, well over $1000 if you go top of the line and deck it out.

    I like everything about the Fred Bear bow's except for there weight, things area heavy!
  7. psychobubba

    psychobubba fish,hunt,nut

  8. Count me in. Should be picking my order up any day now. I wasn't even looking for a new bow (I really liked my Hoyt) and then I shot the Drenalin - It was all over.

    Quit- Fast & Smoooooooth
  9. psychobubba

    psychobubba fish,hunt,nut

    i seen Steve owner of pro shop today at the shoot for f.h.f.h. my bow will be in Tuesday [​IMG]
  10. Pure river

    Pure river Pro Scent pro staff

    I got mine several months ago and simply love it. My last new bow was a Q2 back in I was due for a new bow.

    Its amazing how far technology has come in 7 years. The speed, vibration..everything. You pull this bow back, touch the release and the arrow is in the target and you find yourself wondering "did i shoot" lol

    Mine is 60lbs maxed out, 28 inch draw length.
    Gold tip 5575 arrows
    Muzzy X4 broadheads(the new Rage 3 blade fly great as well)
    Blazer vanes
    Whisker Bisket rest
    Scott Release
    Kisser button, no peep sight.
    and I cant remember the manufacture of my sights. lol..i just like them

    The bow is great. With my old Q2 25 yards was a struggle to be consistent, with this girl, im tearing a ragged hole at 25-28 yards with my broadheads. I am simply amazed at the confidence I have gained at that range.

    I cant wait to get that first fat doe at 20 yards :)

  11. psychobubba

    psychobubba fish,hunt,nut

    its in already robin hooded an arrow smooth draw , whisper quiet
    p.s. we are painting not sure what blue lol
  12. Let me know how you guys like them. I've had the Outback since it first came out and loved it but I'm always itching to buy a new toy if it's good!
  13. psychobubba

    psychobubba fish,hunt,nut

    shot some broad heads today for the first time group of 3 field tips and 3 muzzy 100,s .THIS WILL BE A DEER GETTER FOR SURE