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  1. Ðe§perado™

    Ðe§perado™ Catfisherman/Bowfisherman

    I have been to Mary's before and today is the last time I will ever go in there. When I entered the store it smell so bad of cat urine it would burn your eyes. The guy behind the counter looked like he hasn't taken a bath in a few weeks and when asked questioned about the lake. He is not very smart at all and very rude. The items around the store look like they have been there for years and never updated. Very sad to see this store going down hill like that. A trip before, a while back I bought a new reel and had the receipt with it in the box and he wouldn't take it back. It was his own stuff. Bad service and glad when they are gone.
  2. I've been in Mary's a number of times, the last being a few weeks ago. I had a similar experience. The guy behind the counter was friendly and polite, but the cat urine smell was horrible. There were several people in line in front of us, so my buddy headed to the truck leaving me to enjoy the aroma alone. On the counter there was a large male cat laying on top of an open jar of beef jerky.

    I fished the Deer Creek Spillway for a little while this evening and stopped at Frosties to get minnows. I'd never been there before and was pleasantly surprised by how nice, bright, and clean it was.

  3. spacecadet

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    I knew you would be here after my brother and I watched your exhibition this afternoon.

    First, the shop did have an odor of ammonia in it and Jack told me that it was due to a large kill off overnight that jammed his filter system. Besides... it's a bait shop, not Yankee Candle Company! He had been working most of the morning on the problem and was maybe a little disheveled, but otherwise not unkempt, and certainly not dirty.

    Putting aside your personal attacks, your real problem with him was that you brought in a reel for refund. Turns out your "a while back" was about 11 months ago. Jack plainly told you that the reel was bought almost a year ago. Talk about rude! Then you threatened to post on here with your dissatisfaction. Talk about a bunch of BS!

    In my line of work, a customer who would stoop so low as to bring a consumer product back after a year, would be laughed out of the warehouse! I'm surprised that he didn't break out in hysterics! I know that my brother and I did when we got to the car. Those are some big cajones you got there!

    Your description of the products for sale are also BS. Yes, there are a few older lures on the pegboard, That would be normal for a store thats been open for almost 40 years. Many of these turn out to be treasures for collectors. Most of the stock is new and updated constantly. I suppose you missed the four large boxes that could only have been rods that had just come into the store. Maybe they don't stock every new quirky thing that bass fishermen find in vogue, but that could be a recipe for disaster, too.

    At any rate, why don't you just admit that you were WRONG?:
  4. I would be the buddy that rossco is talking about. I hated to leave a fellow soldier stranded like that but you guys have no idea what the stench is like in that place. He took one for the team on that one. The further back in the store that we went the worse it got. I honestly thought I was going to puke in that place and had to leave my buddy behind.

    This was almost a month ago so I dont believe that it had anything to do with the problem he was having. I also went in with my father-in-law during bow season. It was not anywhere close to as bad as a few weeks ago but you could also smell it then.

    I cannot attack the place on a personal standpoint because I have never had any problems with merchandise but with all the cats running around that place I have to differ on opinions that it was just a problem with his filter system. On my way out I believe that I let 3 more cats in the place when I opened the door
  5. Ya know, I was a member on GFO for quite a few years and it was drivel like this that kept me from making the switch to OGF.
    To my old friends from GFO a long over due HELLO!
    I'm sorry my first post is in this thread but as someone who lives a few minutes from Deer Creek and Mary's Bait I couldn't ignore this post about a friend of mine.
    Jack McKirgan, (Butch) to his friends, is getting a raw deal in this thread. I've known Butch for many years and I know he will not lower himself to reply to this thread.
    This thread is full of personal attack and slander. All violations to the terms of service that I agreed to when I registered.
    However, instead making childish attacks. I'll tell you about Butch.
    Mary's Bait was named after Butch's mother some 40 years ago. Mary's started out selling crawler's from the front porch. Built of hard work and the determination to take care of customers. Mary's Bait has lasted 40 years for a reason and no, Mary's Bait will not be gone anytime soon.

    Now for the wise guys that want to be keyboard commandos I'll tell you a bit about the Guy your slamming.

    The Cats... Butch and his wife Ellen are a rare breed. For some reason they take in the abandoned cats of Pancoastburg. I should mention they don't just take them in, they feed and pay for Doc Brown in MT Sterling to treat injuries, vaccinate, spay and neuter out of their own pockets. Weather you like cats or not, the core value of taking care of a helpless animal, and assisting in limiting the reproduction of strays is commendable.

    Open Jars of beef jerky? Did you forget to mention the Beef jerky was individually packaged? You most certainly forgot to mention the Donation Jar for Cancer Research. How could you miss that jar? It sits next to the cash register, in the most prominent spot on the counter. Anyone that has been in the store more than once has seen where all small change ends up.

    Did I mention the local tabs that Butch runs for the less fortunate in the area? Tabs that no doubt cannot be repaid. I'm not talking about some Skid Row Sam looking for a drink, I'm talking about folks that have not got a fair shake from life, and if not for Butch, would go hungry waiting on their next disability check to arrive. Once again, from Butch and Ellen's pocket...

    I almost forgot.... At Halloween Butch and Ellen put on the only haunted bait shop I have ever seen. Totally open to any who wish to come. Without their efforts, most of the local kids would miss out. Again, totally out of their own pockets, and when someone does offer to help pay for the candy and decorations, Butch and Ellen point at the Cancer Research Jar.

    I'll continue take my business to Mary's Bait, and my friends Butch & Ellen. They do a lot of good, and do not deserve this crap...

  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    as is usually the case,there are two sides to every story.personally i feel the negative comments are not resentative of the majority of customers at mary's.i too have known jack and ellen for several years,and visited their shop.they've always been first class folks,and gone out of their way for me,as they do for others.not knowing the circumstances that brought out the negative post here,i can only guess that someone got a little upset about something,and has blown it into unwarranted attacks.
    and as ridgeviewer pointed out,the ogf forum is not intended to to be used as a venue for such.
    in the years i've know jack and ellen,i recall only one negative post on a forum,which by the way,was proven to be unfounded,so i really have serious reservations as to the "facts" i said,i think someone probably didn't get the response they wanted,and it's been turned into something more.
    in my opnion,one would be hard pressed to find many shops like mary's,that are honorable and genuinely good people who try to give the best service possible.

    ps to ridgeviewer............................welcome,and don't make this your last post.
    just remember,this ain't your daddy's GFO;)
    though these kinds of post will pop up now and then,we do try to maintain order.
    now i am closing this thread to maintain that order,so please don't anyone start another one on this subject.
    thank you.
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