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Marlows Lake

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by KATKING, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Has anyone fished marlows lake yet ? If so is it worth the drive from canton to go and fish there? Any info would be nice

  2. are you talking about the paylake?

  3. ya just wondered if any one fished it and if its worth the drive from canton
  4. I can tell you that on Sat. there were 12 people fishing the catfish lake and they wore themselves out after about 4 hours. We just put around 500 more lbs. in last Wed. Just to let ya know these are farm raised cats, so ya dont have to worry about them being netted out of the river, so if ya like to eat'm feel free. He's changed a few things as far as keeping the cats. You are aloud to keep 3 when you pay to fish, and then if you want to keep anymore you pay 1.86 per pound. We had a big fish fry last Sunday for my bestfriends son, who just became a Marine, and they were deeelicious!!
    I fished the game lakes out back last night and caught a bunch of hybrids, bass, and some really nice perch. Mike went to Athens and bought a bunch of nice size crappie and perch that an old guy had from where he used to pen raise them a few years ago.
    Come down and see us, I've got a river lot on the Little Hocking and do alot of Flathead and Channel fishing on the Big O. when I'm not working at Marlows. If I'm not tied up maybe we can hit the river one night when your down.
    I don't know if you get the show Eastern Outdoors on Sunday mornings, but they just did a real nice show on the whole biz last week.