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Finally we got set up to listen to Marks presentation around 5:30. His talk was about “TROLLING FOR CATFISH”, which is an up and coming way to catfish on the tournament trail. The big advantage of this style of fishing is you are covering such a wide area of water with your baits. It is good on mud flats in river and lakes, not so good on rocky bottom bodies of water.

The rig with a rubber coated drift sinker is required to just bounce or slide your bait off the muddy bottom. He also stressed using a high power trolling motor to help control the speed of the boat. Trolling also requires the use of planner boards to spread out the lines from the boat. He and other use up to six planner boards if that many rods are allowed. To fish this way mean there has to be at least 2 persons in the boat to work this complicated system.

I will not use this style of catfishing for I do not have planner boards or a powerful tolling motor. Even when my grandson is in the boat I will be anchoring or drift fishing.

The trip did get my grandson and I thinking about our up and coming season as we drove home in a very cold and steady rain.
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