Mark May is a jackass

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Toolman, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Now that USF proved that even Mark May's #1 can be beaten...who will he pick next ahead of the Buckeyes? :p He is almost reason enough to not watch ESPN. I though Lou Holtz was going to spit out his dentures last week in the debate over OSU/USF #1:p

  2. Maybe he will pick Rutgers as #1 now since they are good enough to beat his
    #1 team.:D:D

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    Mark May is just playing a role on an entertainment show. You are not supposed to like him any more than you are supposed to like the guy in the black hat in an old cowboy movie. If you find yourself getting upset, you are being taken. All of the analysis is complete bull to fill time until the game starts. The only people that know anything work in Las Vegas.
  4. LOL u got it brother! Great response! How true, how true!!!
  5. Yes...Mark May is an idiot and yes...Lou Holtz is old. There are the worst analyst on TV.
  6. Amen Brother! Mark May will probably pick Notre Dame as his #1 now LOL! I hard;ey even watch the espn football coverage. I do now what we did as kids, I just listen to the pregame radio coverage.