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Marine Radio

Discussion in 'Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace' started by Buckeye Ron, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I am looking for a marine radio to buy for an occasional trip to Lake Erie. Any good suggestions for models that I should look at ?
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    they will all work good to call for help.if you decide to get a handheld ,get one that can take auxiliary power. a hand held will reach other boats out to approx.5 miles while a fix mount will go 2/3 times as far. you will need the 8 ft antenna for the can get a vhf package for about $175.00 or a little less possibly on ebay. check there for hand helds too. i just baught a sealoc manual for my 40 hp for $22.95...on ebay.

  3. I did alot of checking out on this,because I wanted one too.I checked out the uniden,lowrance and a cobra.I ended up buying the cobra MRF55,for $97.Which was a pretty good deal.Now all I have to do is get my boat back from the shop and try it out. :D :D
  4. Where did you guys find your radio to purchase? On line, Ebay, or a store?
    I went to Gander Mountain, didn't find any and Radio shack but they didn't have anything in stock. They had to special order them. Thanks for the help :)
  5. Got mine at Cabela's, Raymarine triwatch, Ordered the Merchant Marine with Antenna included but they don't really have any so they sent the better Raymarine instead. Radio and 8 foot antenna for $150.00 plus shipping. Make sure you get at least a dual watch so you can monitor the weather and at least one channel at the same time.

    Screw the handhelds; they're crap. Not even good for boat anchors.

  6. I appreciate all the sound advice all of you have given me. I will make good use of it when it comes time for me to finally purchase one. :D Thanks,
  7. Walleye60,
    Thanks for the link, I have saved it to my favorites. :D