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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by esoxhunter, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I have a handheld Uniden Atlantis and other folks tell me I'm breaking up even when I can hear them just fine. Mainly using the radio on Alum Creek. Question is should I have it set to 5w or 1w ? I'm one of those more power is always better kinda guys, but is 1w better for shorter distance on inland lakes ?
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    i would say 5 watt. 1 watt would be for a boat that was close by ,say within a quarter mile.and have your squelch turned one click past the noise.

  3. Fresh batteries also help. Stay in clear area, don't touch antenna. Hold vertical.
  4. How are you using the radio? In the boat or walking around or both?
    The efficiency of the little whip antennas has a lot to be desired. local terrain has a lot to do with your transmitted signal.

    If you are using it in a boat I would suggest if the antenna screws off the unit to get an external mounted antenna and connect it to the BNC or SMA connector.

    Also you should be able to find a better (longer) whip antenna than the one that origonaly came with the unit on the aftermarket.

    BTW Yes, I'm a Ham
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    The hand held radio is only as strong as the radio itself. Adding an external antenna to a hand held won't help enough to off set the cost. I have a hand held that works great within 5 miles or less. Get your self a good marine radio that is 25 watts and your problem will be solved. I have both radios in my boat. I use the hand held as a back up. The problem with hand helds is they are effected by other radios, power lines and the Teriann itself. Most of the people that are on bigger lakes ( Erie etc.) have a good 25 watt unit in their boat.
    Bubba, I think you will find that Marine radios are quite different than Ham radios. I have had used both and find this to be the case. Not sure how much you have used a marine radio but most hand helds, that I have used or seen, can not be fitted to an external antenna. They are limited to what they can do and how far they can reach. Remember these are only 5 watts max, and that is if they are working to their max power. No matter what you do you are still only going to get 5 watts out of these radios.
  6. True, a five watt radio is a five watt radio. BUT the more efficiently you use that 5 watts..... The better the antenna......Didnt know if the antenna was replacable or not, thats why I asked :) I have a VX-170 5watts max (Yaesu) that I replaced the antenna on with an aftermarket dual band whip (larger) and made a big difference. Ihe marine vhf band is not a whole lot higher in frequency than the 2 meter ham band. a mobile 2 meter antenna can be shortened slightly to put it on the marine VHF band. Maybe save some folks a few bux on a better boat antenna.
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    used the radio at 5w all day today on Alum talking to musky fisherman on the south end. Nobody commented on the "breaking up" thing. Everyone seemed to hear me loud and clear. Must have been a bad day last time out.
    Thanks for the replies.
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    another thing to remember is it will get better distance while standing and the wind direction also comes into play with distance.
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    FYI... The 1 watt setting is FCC mandated for use in port.