Marine Radio Problems

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  1. Three weeks ago, i launched out of Fenwick and did some fishing. I wanted to check my radio and in all of my requests for a radio check no one would answer. I finally spotted a boat and ran over to him. I asked if he would see if he heard me on the radio and after he turned on his and i told him what channel, he did signal me that he did hear me.
    Today on the lake, i again asked for a radio check and got no response. At one point i heard short drift huntin for Het and i tried to call him back and got no response.
    When i look at my radio when i am tranmitting i see a bar that goes clear across the front of the radio, I need your help, what is the problem with my radio if anyone knows or should i go get a new one?:confused:
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    Check out your antenna connection.
    IF it ends up being the radio, they are not worth repairing as the cost usually approaches the price of a new one.

    Also make sure you a were not in the 1 watt transmit mode.

  3. KaGee.
    I was on my 25 watt mode. I tried in high and low frequency with no luck. It like i have a great receiver no tranmission?