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  1. Getting ready to redeck my boat. Wondereed if anyone knew where to get good price on marine grade plywood. Live near Akron in Kent. Probably need three sheets of 3/4 inch. Any and all leads appreciated.

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    Hi Huntingbull,

    I built a deck on my boat two years ago using 3/4" treated plywood. I purchased the wood at Lowe's. It has held up really well, no problems whatsoever. If you would like any tips on building the deck, feel free to PM me.

    Good luck and have fun!

  3. Be careful using treated plywood if this is an aluminum appliation. ACQ Green plywood will dissolve aluminum. It's also important to use the correct fasteners. There is another plywood that doesn't but you will want to check and be sure!

    Marine plywood is best for a horizontal application and has no voids. Also is made out of Douglas Fir.

    You might try Homestead Hardwood for marine grade.
  4. In Menard's flyer this week they have Marine plywood, A/B, solid core fir 1/2" for 40/sheet and 3/4 for 60/sheet, special order, takes about a week to get it.
  5. FishingRedHawk, PM sent

    Thanks for all the info guys. Seapro, is marine grade ply ok or any treated is corrosive? Any more info on the corrosion factor would be appreciated as it is an aluminum boat.
  6. HuntinBull,

    That's a good question! I know they changed what they treat plywood with and that is what causes the corrosion or dissolving issue on treated plywood and aluminum. I do not know if that law is in effect for marine grade.

    I would certainly pose that question to whoever I was buying the marine grade from though!

  7. marine grade is NOT uses exterior glue and has sealed edges and the core is solid with no voids. You should treat the edges if cut with a good sealer (epoxy?) I would probably coat both sides with some sort of sealer even though it is "marine grade" before applying finish floor.
  8. Pressure treated plywood has some form of copper in it. This will react with the aluminum of your boat. I would recommend using an exterior glue plywood. It's about 1/2 the cost and will probably last about as long as marine grade plywood. You could paint it with several coats of a good exterior grade primer and paint, an exterior varnish, or give it a resin coating after the deck has been fitted and before you fasten it down.