Marine batteries at wally world

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  1. Was`going to buy a starting battery from there are they good batteries just curious?,,ty,,,,,
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    i have 2 and ive never had any issues with them. get the yellow marine ones. i think mine are 750 crank amps. id have to look to be sure, but no problems.

  3. i have always bought all my deep cycle batteries from walmart, i always get the diehard ones they run like 70 bucks and they last a long time, i beleive mine are 725 or 750's
  4. I got the biggest yellow one they had 4 years ago and no problems.
  5. no problems here we use it for bow mount trolling motor
  6. Ditto on the big yellow ones, never had a problem.
  7. My bestfriend and I both have had one for 4 years now. Used them on our boats for the trolling motors for 3 years, and theyve been in our campers now for just over a year. He is a real stickler at keeping them charged all winter long, and I just let mine sit there in the camper during the winter. Even leaving them uncharged hasnt hurt mine a bit. WELL WELL worth it in my eyes............and most wallet!!!!
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    I have a big yellow one (battery) that I put on my camper and the power would last about 4 days.
  9. Thanks for all the info. :)