marina thefts on the rise

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    urned: 10 displays of 46 matches

    Yachts, boats broken into at marina Thieves who took TVs, liquor may have reached Bratenahl docks by water

    Author: Damian G. Guevara Plain Dealer Reporter
    Date: October 1, 2008
    Publication: Plain Dealer, The (Cleveland, OH)
    Page: B1

    Bratenahl - Thieves ransacked eight boats and yachts docked in the Newport Harbor Marina over the weekend. The break-ins happened in the early hours of Friday and Monday, and police believe the thieves came into the harbor by boat and not through the dock's fence.

    "If the dock boys aren't on duty, it's pretty quiet out there," Police Chief Paul Falzone said.

    Officials warned boaters to keep an eye on their property in light of...
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    dang, must be quite a mastermind to steal an entire marina! ;)