Marcum Flash Unit Users?

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  1. I'm continuing my research & reading on Flasher Units... mainly Vexilar & Marcums. (I havent factored in Hummingbird as yet).

    I'm seeing 20:1 Vex's vs Marcums in the last 2 years on the lakes I ice fish.

    .... Just wondering if there area any Marcum Flash Unit Users in the area. Your thoughts, suggestions... even opinions would be appreciated.
  2. Try They are both great brands. It is pretty much split 50/50 for which ones better. If money is a factor I would go for which ever one you could get cheaper. Either way you won't be let down. I am pretty sure that marcum has a lot more power than a vex too.

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    i have been looking into all of the flashers and marcum makes some great ones!! i have never used one and have never used a vex but i would have to say that either one would be great for the ice, i would also say the new hummingbirds would be great also...
  4. i bought the lx2 a few years back from marcum and have been very happy with it. at the time it had the features i wanted and a price i could afford for a new unit. has more power than the others(which can screw up vexs and lowrances in the area) and the bottom 10 foot zoom. the only thing i dont like about it is the case it comes in doesnt fit into a five gallon bucket.
  5. My fishing buddy and I have been fishing side by side for many years and I use a MarCum VX-1, and he uses a Vexilar FL-18. At times we have traded off flashers. The the only difference we can tell is the price.
  6. I have had the Marcum LX-3 for a few years now and can't complain. Durable/effective/ect...

    As far as the difference I would say it is a personal preference. I would get a unit that has zoom feature if you plan on fishing 20ft plus. I would also look into a multi color flasher if you can afford it. Much better picture of what is going on (more detail).

    I went with the Marcum because of the more power/excellent customer service/made in USA!

    If you get a chance fish with some people who have the different units and see which you like best.