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Map Create 6 for a Lowrance LCX15-MT

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Procraftboats21, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    just bought the map create kit for the lowrance. It lets you create customs maps on your computer and then lets you download them to a chip that you can put into your GPS. The detail is awesome, it has all roads/highways (even back country roads!) also motels/hotels/restraunts/gas stations and highly detailed lake maps. I can't wait to try it out this spring
  2. I've had the software for a few years now for my I-Finder, which I now keep in the car, and my I-Finder Pro, which, I now keep in the boat. My first I-Finder has more than paid for itself in getting me off back country roads after a missed turn around Atwood, broken down looking for auto parts stores and gas stations in Virginia in my old Blazer pulling 4 bikes to Myrtle Beach, looking for all different types of restaurants around Mid-Ohio while attending SuperCycle Weekend, getting back to Akron from work in Beachwood during the winter on back roads to avoid sitting on the highway for 4 hours, and all kinds of other ways I won't bore you with. I keep 2 memory cards with the one on the boat, Hotmaps, and another one I put custom maps from MapCreate and waypoints on the water.

  3. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    how do you like the hotmaps?