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  1. I am going to be staying in Mansfield next week on work. I am looking for a place to go fishing in the evenings (after 4:30). I see that Charles Mill & Clear Fork are close and I thought about try the spillways there.

    Is there good fishing access at those locations? Should I take a lantern? Are there any bait stores close that sell minnow?

    If not for the ice I would have tried a pier at Lake Erie. I am willing to drive somewhere else if anyone has suggestions. But I know that the ice has it limited right now.

    Thanks for you help,
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    i don't know about live bait but dick's has some of those berkley gulp alive minnows and they seem to work REALLY well. what fish are you going after by the wayside?

  3. Charles Mill can be good for saugeye at times. There is a bait shop in Mifflin called the Mifflin Trading Post and they carry all kind of baits incuding minnows. Good Luck........................Rich
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    The Mifflin Lakes Trading Post is closed for the season. Will open back up in March.

    Not sure whether Crossroads Trading Post in Perrysville will have any minnows in the off season. The store is located at the intersection of SR 95 and SR 39 and they are open everyday.
  5. If you're willing to drive an hour plus I would make the trek up north and fish for some steelhead in the rivers. If you've never hooked into a steelie you don't know what you're missing.
  6. Thanks for the replys!

    -castmaster00: I may have to give those gulp minnows a try. As for target species anything with fins, but I usually target crappie & saugeye this time of year.

    -RichsFishin: I am leaning toward Charles Mills since it is close. Is there good access there at night? How about lights?

    -Rednek: I will check out Crossroads Trading Post in Perrysville for minnows

    -archman: steelies sure look fun, but I have never tried for them. I would not be able to get to the river until dark. Do you fish after dark for them?
  7. You can definitely catch them after dark, but it would probably be important to have some experience under your belt before you tried it.
  8. I probably would skip the steelie fishing if your only option is after dark. It's tricky after dark since you really can't easily tell where the fish is going and how far away it is. I don't personally fish for steelies after dark unless I know the hole well (luckily, I know quite a few). If close to a river, maybe. But not for an hour and a half drive.

    Charles Mill spillway would be good. Further to the southeast, Pleasant Hill has a nice spillway as well. Both have saugeye. The river above and below Pleasant Hill have brown trout as well. Nighttime is a good time to catch browns, especially big ones.