Manistee River-Salmon Run

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  1. A friend and I plan on fishing the Manistee in Michigan during the salmon run. Neither of us has ever caught a Salmon, so we don't really know what to expect, all we know is that we plan on going. Please give us tips on how to catch the fish, what bait to use, and how crowded is it?? I've done research on the internet, and all I see are links about fly-fishing the salmon run. I don't fly-fish, but is this my only option? Can I be just as successful with a spinning outfit?
  2. Check out There is plenty of help there. More info than you would ever need!!

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    Depends when you go, by late September the river will be full of fish, from the Lake to Little Tippy Dam. If youre fishing the river you can use a bobber and spawn, cranks such as a 3'' deep thunderstick, or a Tinks Tickler (a.k.a. the angry minnow of death). You will have to stop into Tinks Bait and Tackle in Bretheren to find out exactly what one of those are.
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    We're going in the first week of October. This year year will be my second year.

    Your good to go on the spinning rod/reel. Actually not to many people had fly rods when I went last year. I'm not sure what kind of equipment you have, but I burned up 2 reels in 1 week. Massive fish....


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    Not too

    King Chute...Try dragging 60 LBS of fish up these stairs. I took this pick about 1/4 of the way up. 6 flights more to go.


    You can PM me if you need any pointers. When are you going?