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Manistee Lake

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by DuV, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. DuV


    Does anyone have any experience fishing Manistee Lake in Kalkaska county, Michigan. My wife booked a trip for me this summer for a Christmas present! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Duv
  2. I've fished this lake several times,I'm originally from northern Michigan,and I still fish a lot of the lakes up there quite often.I don't know what species of fish that you're planning on targeting,so I'll give you a brief rundown of the fish present in there.Most people fish there for walleye,and there's a good number of them in there,there's a strong population of smallmouth's present too,and a decent number of largemouth bass also,along with some northerns(there's some real hawg pike),and some good panfish fishing also(crappie,bluegill and a few perch).
    When I fish there for walleye,I normally fish at night(which is pretty much the case on all northern Michigan walleye lakes),I longline troll the weed edges with either #7 Shad Raps,or Husky Jerks(HJ-10).Daytime fishing can also be good,but you want to go with live bait.There's a couple of points that I like to pitch 1/4oz. Fireball jigs/w half a crawler at,hooking up a chub(fatheads are best) and fishing it along the deeper weedbeds with a slip bobber is usually a good bet also.The first point looking NW from the public launch is my favorite.Most of the locals troll or drift crawler harness' along the weedlines and flats for eyes'.The majority of walleye's in here will run 15"-18",with a few 20" fish or better.
    Smallies can be found anywhere on the lake,and there's some brutes in there as well.I like to locate fine gravel that drops down into deeper water,I'll go with a jig and twistertail in spots like those.Along the weeds,it's hard to beat Mini-King spinnerbaits,or Pop'R's.For deeper water,4" worms rigged Texas style work well.
    If you want pike,go with larger spinnerbaits like Terminator's,and fish the weeds.This lake has some nice crappies also when you can find them,and nice bluegills also.
    One last note,you'll be very close to Lake Margrethe,you definitely want to include this one in your fishing plans,it's a top-notch walleye lake.Naturally,I'm not going to include any real secrets over this site,but if you want to send me a PM,I'll get a little more in depth.Good luck on your trip,let me know how you do.