Man vs. Splitter!

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  1. I'm typing this with 9 fingers because I did something fast(and careless) 3.5 weeks ago. I was splitting firewood with (my brother)-and it really shouldn't have been a TWO person thing! I had some larger oaks blow over during the winter and some of them were in the neighborhood of 5-6 ft. in circumference. I cut the chunks about 20" long which would fit my out door boiler nicely, and will easily fit into my splitter when in the vertical position. Because we couldn't lift them individually, we made kind of a railroad of branches on the soft floor of my woods and rolled them to the splitter. I put a skid against the front of the splitter head so we could wrestle them against the bar and start splitting. What I didn't anticipate was the skid had not yet settled into the soft earth and was about two inches higher than the head of the splitter. The first large section we rolled onto the skid, and then started to turn it on end into the bar, flopped into position catching the last joint of my left middle finger between it and the CUTTING wedge!! I jerked it free and removed my glove to see the end of my finger TOTALLY mangled. The ER doctor put 8-9 stitches in it "whereever he presumed" it to be deeply cut(which seemed to me to be everywhere!). Xrays showed the bone in the last joint to be broken. A tetinus shot, some gauze, a split, and two prescriptions later, I drove home to spend one of my most miserable nights. The finger today looks like holy hell but is starting to heal up-finally. I write this to warn everyone to be careful and "look(and think), before you leap"-so to speak when working with a log splitter-or any other moving equipment. Something like this can ruin you golf game-or your fishing trips for a long time.
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    Holy crap! Glad your okay. You're lucky it wasn't ripped off completely. No more flipping anyone the bird for a while.

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    Glad you are gonna recover. That is a terrible thing to have happen.
    Also, I am very glad to hear that it was NOT a whole lot worse.
  4. Sorry to hear that but at the same time I am glad you did not get hurt worse. I came close to the same thing a few months ago. My father in law was running the splitter, like we have done a thousand times before, when he hit the lever without me letting him know it was ok. It got my glove but not my finger only by luck. All it takes is a split second and it can happen. I am glad that you will be ok.
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    glad your ok as it could have been worse. i smashed the end of my trigger finger (popped like a grape)3 yrs ago and almost lost the nail. the doc kept the nail inoplace and it all came together well. but that first night was a 4 vicodin night.
  6. Yeah, thanks all. The doc 'drilled' a hole in my nail to 'relieve the pressure' and said it 'should' save the nail-by the way it looks now, I'm not so sure! One problem was, the guy took out the stitches after 7 days. Next day, my hand slipped jamming the finger into some wood I was stacking. It hurt like heck and started to bleed again-one of the cuts reopened! I put some gauze tight around it and it seems to have closed back up. Finger's a little crooked now. Again, you can't be careful out there!
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    Hope it heals!
    Also hope it does affect your job and your fishing!
  8. sounds like it hurts. Hopfully it heals fast and good!
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    Yep, did a similar stunt this past winter, got my 3rd finger caught between the spoke on an aluminum rim and the caliper on the wifes' suv( checking to see if the 4wd was engaging, had vehicle on jack stands, motor off, key in acc. position to engage elec shift motor) was turning the wheel around by hand ( while under the suv, on my back, on a creeper) stuck my gloved hand in the spoke of the rim, instead of spinning the tire by the outside circumference - looked like a split ball park frank, lost the nail, had stiches and a pin in the end of the finger for 3 weeks... was only off for 3 working days, boss put me on " light duty" ( typing- I'm the fastest 3 finger typist in three counties!!!) back to normal, still some ligament or tendon swelling at the base of the finger-
    Dr said it could take up to a year for it to go down - SLOW DOWN AND THINK WHERE THE PINCH POINTS ARE !!! 'Rude Dog