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Mama's pike from St. Mary's River

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by CoolWater, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    I didn't go on the annual fishing vacation this year due to a new job... as always my mom catches the best fish... glad i wasnt there for her to rub it in again! :D

    Sorry the photo looks old- it is a scan of a polaroid.

  2. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    north of st marys lake?

  3. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    I'm not sure where the St. Mary's Lake is but we fish the river around Neebish Island and Lake George.
  4. I think Little King was thinking of St. Mary's here in Ohio. CoolWater is referring to Canadian waters.

    That is a nice fish there. I would say she deserves bragging rights again for a year.;) So did they say how the fishing was? We go a bit further east of there just on the other side of Thessalon. We were up there about 3 weeks ago and the fishing was rather tough with the extreme heat they have had this summer. The water temps were ridiculous for up there. (above 80° in some areas) We still managed a few fish and the bass fishing was pretty decent.
  5. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    ahh yea- bkr is right- this is north of the UP in Michigan.

    Fishing was excellent, they just target the pike but still managed a few eye's in addition. We get some smallies sometimes but i didnt hear this year if they did.... they pretty much toss everything back if it isnt a walleye or pike and I'm not sure if they would know the difference with the other
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