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  1. Free male boxer. Will give some food, indoor cage, collar and leash. Has tags. Bo is about 5 months old. Reason giving away: son rescued this dog and we foster parented him. He is ready to go to a new home now. He is not house trained. However, with some work I believe he can be. He loves kids. He loves other dogs and cats.

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  2. Hetfieldinn


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    Great looking dog. If I didn't already have my own pack, I'd be on the road to come and get him.

  3. I have 4 dogs myself. can't keep every dog we rescue. :) The previous owners (hearsay) allowed this dogs mother and siblings to die.
  4. hey connie i have a "potential" taker...we are all in agreement he looks like a great ornry dog!!:p pm me with your contact info...he wants to see this dog and once he does he'll be hooked!!! he is here now!!
  5. Toxic

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    Looks like someone doesn't like his picture taking LOL. I am sure somebody will take him soon.
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    If you were a bit closer i would take him in a heartbeat
  7. I had numerous emails and calls in regards to BO. However, I called the 1st person to contact (out of fairness) and Bo now has a good home. TY to everyone who was interested in him.