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  1. Hey guys, Today I took my 15 year old son fishing at Deer Creek. I remember how special it was to fish with my dad , so today I took my boy wading for the first time. We used white as well as other color spinners and caught 12 big White Bass and 5 nice smallies. He loved wading and he loved catching those quality (nice size) fish. The fight was unbelievable and the weather was wonderful! I know White Bass runs are great, but this kid experienced lures (not his usual live bait), wading, and a great fighting fish! He was so stoked it made me happy. I can't wait until he gets in on a really hot White Bass run! Thanks to those of you you who read this. Sincerely,
  2. What part of Deer Creek were you wading? I often wade behind my dad's. It requires a walk through some farmland though. Congrats on the good fishing. It is great to watch kids catch nice fish on lures.

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    Congrats on the fishing. My dad takes me fishing alot and it never gets old. my favortie thing to do is go fishing with him. Im 15 also. we are going to be wading tomarrow not sure where yet.
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    That is really cool and your son will never forget the experience. I can still remember when my dad took me fishing for the first time...Ohio Power (AEP now) lakes...I remember the trip to Rink's Bargain City to buy my first rod and reel (still have the reel-original Mitchell 300) before the I get the pleasure of taking my dad fishing to Erie, and now he has to do it my way :p Our relationship has gone full circle!!! Your son will cherish his experience with you (more so as he gets older) and you will look back and cherish the same! Way to go!
  5. My father and I did alot of fishing when I was younger at Deer Creek, we used to fish for crappies almost nonstop, I have alot of great memories about that lake and every little stump and brushpile, baitshops that are no longer open, DQ like places that are not there anymore, my dad hitting that hump in the road on 207(by the turnoff leading back to the old shooting range) a little fast at 6AM just to wake me up, lotta good memories:)
  6. Congrats on the time spent with your son , the good fishing is an extra !! My son is 22 now , we heading out to Darby here after church with a bucket full of 'Bass minnows , can't wait !! These are the memories you both will cherish forever , don't forget the camera .

    Keep fishin" :D
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    I'm 28 and my dad called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him this summer on Lake Erie. My dad has never expressed any interest in fishing before and I have never fished with him. Its never too late to get out there and have fun.
  8. I am only 19 and i still go fishing with my dad as much as possible. I try to get him out everyday he gets off work early even though he only goes once a week probably. Everytime we get out we have a great time catching fish, and i always enjoy showing him how to catch fish.
  9. Fish with you dad while he is still around...because things can change when you least expect it.