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  1. does anyone know the knot to make the bobber stops? I want to make some up and I am planning on making them on coffee stirring stick sections.... and just using a bright colored thick thread to tie them with.. but I am not sure on the knot to use... any help would be appreciated... thanx
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    I have been just using a double overhand knot (like the first step in tying your shoes twice) with low test line and clipping it. I bought a pack of the pre tied at wall mart and it seemed the small knot I made went threw the eyes of the pole better. Im not an experienced angler at all so there might be some downfall to this I dont know about, but seems to be working well and want to try to help :}

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    Ignore me listen to misfit :} Thats a really cool site ty misfit.
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    I make mine as I need them, you can put them on the line after you have everything rigged up, put your weights and everything on then take the line and lay it across your knee, you want to put the bobber stop above your plastic bead, I use Mason cord like the brick layers use, take the cord and make a simple loop then pinch it against the line take one of the ends sticking out and run it thru the loop seven to ten times then pull the two ends away from each other and your done, whats nice is you don't have to cut the line to get this bobber stop on you rig, hope this helps you, i thought I had a tutorial on my website about it I'll look again ...............Doc
  6. thanx for the replies.. that is exactly what I wanted:F
  7. .... Good Web site on tying bobber stops...Misfit It looks so easy even a dummy like me could do it....never saw how they were tied ...always bought mine ...and actually have enough bought ones to last me the rest of my life time....Happy knot tying....
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    Dental floss works real well for bobber stops, too...